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Published by BlockBit on Fri, 06/05/2020 - 12:37
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Next Update ( 13. 06 - 21. 06. 2020) will add the function, when you break an for example iron ore block that there didn't spawn an iron ore block but an finished iron ingot / bar

Hello and welcome to BlockBits ToolMod.
This mod was created by and regularly improved.
This mod adds many new picks, axes, swords, items and bars to the game.
I uploaded this mod to CurseForge first.
My main mod page is on CurseForge.
If you want to find the mod on Curseforge, enter BlockBits ToolMod in your browser.
Then this page should be suggested by Mcreator and CurseForge.
But back to the mod.
This wonderful mod is perfect for survival in solo and multiplayer if you want more tools and weapons.

I added a recipe book to the mod because I only show the recipes in my videos before creating the recipe book.

This mod adds:

- Lapis lazuli picks, axes and swords

-Fire pickaxe, ax and swords

-Emerald pickaxes, axes and swords

-Invinity pickaxe, ax and sword

-Where sword

-Nether sword, helmet, breastplate, leggings and shoes

-Enders sword, helmet, breastplate, leggings and shoes

This mod adds these bars:

- steel bars

-Fire bars

-Emerald ingot

-Where ingot

-Nether ingot

-The ingot

-End scale

-Nitrus bars

This mod adds these other elements:

-Steel fragments

Steel rod


-Where skull fragments

-And much more...

Project members
Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
BBToolMod 1.12 last update.jar - This is the latest Version for MC 1.12 for more Infos search for my Mod on CurseForge469.51 KB
BlockBit's ToolMod 1.15.x v2.3.jar - This is the best ToolMod for MC 1.15.x i have ever seen (phuhuu mm jea its my mod 😁)2.79 MB

If you want to read the changelog,

Search for BlockBits ToolMod online and click on the CurseForge website. There is my MAIN modpage