Minecraft Reborn

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This mod adds multiple new things into the game

First off, there are backpacks. Crafted like a chest, but with leather instead. Right-click to open them.

You can also smelt rotten flesh into leather

Next, There is now emerald tools. I know a lot of mods do this, but I just feel like adding it.

I also added rubies, and tools/armor for them.

Next, there are Scythes. They are like hoes and swords combined. 
Scythe Recipe

There are also hammers, crafted like a helmet, but with 2 sticks in the center. They mine 3x3x3

There are now Battleaxes. They are slow, but do a lot of damage. Battleaxe Recipe

Also, Saws! They cut down whole trees in one hit!

Saw RecipeThere is also two new potion effects:

Invincibility: You can't take damage

Flight: Allows you to fly

You can make a portal to my version of the Aether(not very good) using glowstone and a special water bucket.

Craft the special water bucket using a water bucket.

There are also Red Dragons in the Aether. Their texture isn't very good

Please give me some ideas for future updates! This is my first mod, so give me some tips!

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Minecraft Reborn 1.0.0.jar - Version 1 of the mod. Not great671.76 KB

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Hey! I'm planning on making some upgrades to this once forge for 1.16 comes out. Also, can someone say something?

Unfortunately, I cannot get the mod to run. It's a shame because it does look really good. It could be an issue on my end, but as far as I know, I'm using the latest version of Forge and Java. Maybe try converting the mod to 1.15.2? I would recommend this anyway because 1.15.2 has more support and it is definitely superior. Thanks!