Better Beets

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Ever wondered why beets exist in the game? Yeah me too.

This mod makes beet farms worth making, adding things like beets that give you buffs or debuffs.

List of current beets:

Iron Beet
Hunger Points: 4
Cool Part: About 15 Seconds of Resistance

Withered Beet
Hunger Points: 1 There's no point in eating it
Cool Part:
Bad Part: About 10 Seconds of Wither

Burnt Beet
Hunger Points: it's just a fuel
Cool Part:
Warm Part: 800 Tick Burn Time


I'll be taking suggestions

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Version 1.0

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really nice concept! although you should make a reason to obtain the withered beet, as it isn't very helpful...
maybe used to craft a potion of decay?

some ideas:
iron beet - crafted with beets and iron? (sorry if this is already in there)
withered beet - maybe deals 1 heart of damage but gives more hunger? crafted with beets and coal, or found in chest loot only?
burnt beet - obtained through smelting beetroot