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This mod reduces the effort in minecraft and makes it more enjoyable while keeping it feeling like Vanilla! It adds a hammer table which you can bash things on using a crafting stone which is made from a pebble put in a crafting table! The things you can bash are stones and sticks, stones make flint easily and sticks make fibres which can be used to make leather if you fill the bottom two rows of a crafting table with them! pebbles and stick spawn around the world! It also adds cool structures like buried treasure, parkour rooms and villagers in cages made using the new wooden poles this mod also adds!



Curseforge (Older Updates Can Be Found Here):

Project members
Lead developer
Model designer
Texture designer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
VanillitivesV1.0.0.jar - Adds a new biome and stone that drops random ores!237.88 KB
VanillitivesV0.3.1.jar - Bugfix as structures spawned way too frequently217.13 KB
VanillitivesV0.3.0.jar - Added wooden posts, they are like walls but don't connect and are rotatable. Added More Structures!217.13 KB
VanillitivesV0.2.1.jar - A bugfix causing the Flint Pickaxe to show up in the wrong place in creative mode!118.81 KB

Added poles which can be rotated like like logs and take up 1/4 of a block and added a villager cage that spawns and a parkour room whihc is filled with iron and emerald with a bit of gold and diamonds!

if you're making it less grindy, definitely improve the underground. maybe add a common block that generates replacing stone that drops random items/ores? that would be more realistic. for adventure, maybe add some new biomes and ore types that generate beneath them, and new incentives to explore biomes like treasure maps.