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Bandits target players and fight back, use a full set of iron, and have a chance for their items to be enchanted.


When a player lingers within a space of one block for 8 seconds, a bandit spawns, falling from the sky and landing 20 - 0 blocks from the player. This 8-second spawn timer repeats endlessly.


An amount increases by 20 plus 1/5th of the current amount after every twenty minutes. It decreases by 1 when a bandit spawns, and prevents bandits from spawning when it reaches 0. It begins at 60 at the start of a world.


Bandits don't despawn, see as far as 60 blocks, and drop 0 items and 15 xp.


(Ambushes or bandit spawning is enabled by default.)
(Bandit mining is enabled by default.)


(x = Easy/Normal/Hard)
Chance rolling for each enchantment = 10%/30%/50%
Weapon damage = 2/4/7 hearts
Breaking time = the block's hardness times 5/1/.5 in ticks


They don't drop the blocks they break.


Sharpness, Knockback, Fire Aspect, Protection, Fire Protection, Blast Protection, Projectile Protection, Feather Falling, Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Thorns.

Shoutout to Jimmity for the skin which I changed up a bit.

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files


Check desc.

2.1, "Optimization Update"
(From last update)

  • Added 20%/40%/60% knockback resistance to Tank
  • Removed grace period.
  • Changed Warrior extra damage from 140% of normal damage to 1.5/2.5/3.5 extra hearts of damage dealt


  • Removed bandit building.
  • Rogues now always hold their axes instead of after their first attack.
  • Decreased chances of Blue Seeds drop to 4% chance from 8.46%.
  • Bandits can now spawn anywhere as long as the blocks they spawn in aren't solid. Light levels don't matter; it doesn't have to be daytime.
  • Bandits don't despawn when night comes anymore.
  • Reduced their damage by 2 for all difficulties.
  • Bandit spawning attempts instead of forces to work.

2.0 (Alpha)

  • Fixed bandit spawning and changed it to be more flexible. They don't always spawn, but they can spawn in blocks (which they break immediately on spawn, including the block above their head).
  • Added water breathing and fire resistance to Demolisher class.
  • Note: All bandits can mine normally underwater.
  • Changed bandit spawning distance to 2 to 10 blocks from player. (Be more careful!)
  • Light checking when spawning now depends if the block above their head is in light levels 6 and above.


  • Stopped some blocks from dropping when bandits broke it (since they mined with wooden tools).
  • Doubled their damage in all difficulties (from 1/2/3.5 to 2/4/7 hearts of damage)


  • Actually removed buff according to whether bandit spawned on cold, warm, or dry biomes.
  • Bandit spawning fixed. They got class buffs and a wooden axe now.
  • Removed immunity to fire, lava, fall damage, and drowning from bandits
  • Tweaked bandit building.
  • Potion effects from class buffs show up now: tank, rogue, warrior, and demolisher.
  • Bandit now deal 1/2/3.5 hearts of damage.
  • Menidig is now properly named to "Menidig".


  • Removed features buffing bandits depending on whether they spawned in cold, warm, or dry biomes.
  • Bandit building is now always active.
  • Removed commands to enable and disable bandit building.
  • Tweaked bandit building.
  • Added immunity to fire (and lava), fall damage, and drowning to bandits.
  • Note: Bandit damage hasn't been changed which means they still deal 1.5 hearts in Easy, 2 hearts in Normal, and 2.5 hearts in Hard.


  • Changed bandit spawn timer to 11/10/9 seconds
  • Changed bandit spawn chance to 100% from 10%/17%/32%.
  • Changed War Period to occur everyday with a 7%/8%/9% chance instead of occurring every one or two weeks.
  • Changed bandit spawn distance from player to 13 - 17 from 8 - 15.
  • Each bandit now spawns from different locations.
  • Removed regeneration
  • In colder biomes, bandits spawn with absorption 3/5/7 (6/10/14 extra hearts of health)
  • In warm biomes, bandits spawn dealing 3/5/7 more damage
  • In dry biomes, bandits spawn with regeneration 2/3/4 (Bandits from other biomes still spawn with regeneration 1.)
  • Reduced bandit overall damage by 5 to compensate for the buffs.
  • New Classes: Tank, Rogue, Warrior, Demolisher.
  • Tank - Resistance 2/3/4 and Slowness 3/2/1
  • Rogue - Speed 0/1/2 and invisibility, equiping weapon only when attacking.
  • Warrior - Deals 1.4x more damage.
  • Demolisher - Mines 5x faster.
  • These potion effects aren't displayed.
  • (Experimental) Bandits now place dirt blocks to cross gaps and build up to player. This is disabled by default; however, you may enable and disable it using /enableBuilding and /disableBuilding.


  • Changed bandit spawn timer to 10 seconds from 5 seconds.
  • Changed bandit spawn distance from player to 8 - 15 from 23 - 46
  • Fixed dolphin's grace
  • Changed bandit spawning to be in light levels 7 and above instead of on blocks that see the sky.
  • Removed chance to have invisbility and no weapon.
  • Changed grace period from 3.3 minutes to 32 minecraft hours (around 26.6 min.).
  • War period, a new feature, will occur every 1 or 2 minecraft weeks. During this war period, bandit spawning will occur by difficulty chance regardless of spawn timer.


  • Changed bandit spawning distance from player to 23 - 46 from 12 - 25
  • Fixed blue seed drop.


  • Added a grace period of 3.3 minutes preventing bandit ambushes to help players prepare once the world starts.


  • For every 5 seconds that the player stays within 1 block, there's a 10%/17%/32% chance that a group of three bandits spawns around the player. They spawn in the overworld  only with a maximum of 25 distance and minimum of 12 distance from the player.
  • Mine blocks to reach the player
  • Has a wooden axe as a weapon
  • Has permanent regeneration 1
  • 0%/2%/4% chance that a bandit won't have any weapons and are invisible for 3:00 minutes.
  • They have a 8.64% chance to drop 1-10 blue seeds that can be crafted with three to 1 menidig. It fills 6 hunger and 9.6 saturation, and you eat it in 0.865 seconds.
  • Has player's movement speed and 60 follow range
  • Despawn at night and can't spawn on blocks that can't see the sky.
  • Removed stealing feature to make bandits less foreign to Minecraft. (I might add a feature in the far future that relates to stealing.)
  • Changed the seeds' name to Blue Seeds.
  • Removed Blue Seeds' ability to summon bandits. Now, they are crafted to make Menidigs.
  • Removed Menidig's ability to give you speed boost while holding. It had a durability.


  • Added Menidig, a rare drop of Bandits, as suggested by 91arrows. 
  • Bandits spawn only when you're not moving, as suggested by 91arrows.
  • Bandits steal one stack of items from you and hold it in their off-hand.You can get it back by killing them. If they despawn, however, you'll lose the items forever. This was suggested by 91arrows.
  • Added a local timer for spawning bandits for each player instead of a global timer that every player contributes to.
  • Changed the skin of Bandit.
  • Removed immunity to fall damage, immunity to drowning, and immunity to arrows from Bandit.

nice idea!
if they're supposed to spawn when you're "loitering around at daytime", maybe make them not spawn when you're moving or walking. from the name Bandit, it seems like they should be able to steal your items on attack. well, there's an idea.
also maybe have them drop something other than menidig seeds, so the players have an incentive to fight them.

According to "making them not spawn when you're moving or walking", I might probably have to make this more frequent, but yes, thanks for the idea! When it comes to stealing items, however, adding an inventory for them to pick up items near them isn't a feature until the next update 2020.4 comes out.

"Dropping something other than menidig seeds"? I'll brainstorm for a item to satisfy that need. Thank you for your time! :)

cool nice
also the seeds have a weird texture.
you could just make the bandit remove a random item or two and run away, not necessarily keeping it in an inventory.
here's an idea for the drop (if you decide to make them steal items): a bandit sack, which they "store items in". you could be able to carry it around with items inside.

This was missing in minecraft! Smart mobs. The mod is EPIC! My opinion 10/10. If you were to model these bandits on Mount & Blades, for example, tudra bandits, Corsairs, desert bandits. Random weapons to have those current bandits with radom enchantment have: 3.

Thanks man! Love your proposal, "tundra bandits, corsairs, and desert bandits and random weapons with random enchantments". It could bolster the mod as a secondary selling point!

To brief you, I''m still growing out of the "functionality phase", so ideas that make up a mature mod helps!

nice update! still love this mod, it fits really well into minecraft. can the seeds still spawn bandits, and does the menidig still give speed boosts? where did its name come from?

as a reward, maybe make the bandits drop a lot of items, none of which can be used to kill bandits easier. also, the biome-specific bandit variants in jacobb's comment should have relatively similar looks, just some different attack strategies and drops.

looking forward to more updates!

Thanks dude! I removed the seeds' abilty to spawn bandits and the menidig's passive ability to give you speed boosts; I should have noted them on the changelog.
The seeds are called Blue Seeds because they're blue, and the Menidig was a name I thought of on the spot.
About "as a reward, maybe make the bandits drop a lot of items", I can do so, but I would hate it if somebody made this an easy, op farm, looking at SMP players.
I was thinking about making the biome-specific bandits have different models. (That would be hard.) However, "relatively similar looks" would be more natural than different models entirely.
Noting "just some different attack strategies and drops, I'll brainstorm effective and realistic strategies bandits could outplay players with; the different drops also applies with my previous statement: "I would hate it if somebody made this an easy, op farm, looking at SMP players."

Bandits' proposal:
-Tudra bandits can be armed with 10% stone axes 40% iron swords 50% bows. Their behavior is similar to the current bandits only with the risk of being shot by a bow: drop 0-2 gold nuggets, 0-11 iron nuggets, blue seeds, weapons
-Bandites from Savannah would have mostly bows and sickles. They would have an African skin. They would run away like a skeleton when wielding a bow.

1. Stone axes, iron swords, bows, and iron nuggets sound good to me! However, if a feature makes bandits remind me of piglins, I won't stand by it, so no gold nuggets! (It's a small feature, but hey! Features both result from and affect my creativity.)
2. About sickles, if you're talking about a hoe as a weapon, I shall allow it.
3. "Bandites from Savannah would have mostly bows and sickles. They would have an African skin. They would run away like a skeleton when wielding a bow." is barging its way into my list of options.
Thank you mate.