Published by OreVsOre on Sat, 07/25/2020 - 00:29
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A simplistic mod adding new ores, dimensions and all around basic crafting recipes as well as a new troll block to prank your friends (or foes) with,

craftable spawn eggs and 25k damage swords reach the op limits or if thats not your style craft some dirt armour.

Leather tools, Smeltable lithium, Craftable ignitors, A whole new dark dimension. (V14)

if there are bugs its due to the autoshortner of Mcreator if anything is missing (or something seems off) tell me ad i'll try to fix it.

The grand release is techniqually version 13 (version 14 is done but in bug testing)

also most ores are op but occur deep underground near bedrock lower then even diamond. 

As for dirt armour it isn;t that bad however breaks easily.


WARNING: teleportation is bugged portals in flat world will always suffocate you as for portals in the normal lands make sure to make your portal High in the sky.

Just want to say have a nice day.


MASSIVE WARNING: IF YOU ARE TO PLACE DOWN OBISIDIAN GLASS the best way to remove it is piston don;t even try breaking it even with efficency 1000 haste 100 it will take 10 seconds.


New "Temple" which only spawns 90 times in the world. its super rare. if you are looking for it keep in mind it will take days. but inside are elytras and spawner you can use to make farms. elytras, wither skulls and notch apples and more. as well as 4 portal frames maybe the igniters are hidden somewhere. AND, hints towards the unknown world with efficency 100 pickaxe even then you'll need a piston to get through the obsidian glass.

Modification files

-New salt

-New Backpacks

-General Bug fixes

-2 new enchantments

-A corrupted Biome? explore these corrupted chunks to find... ???

-New music disc

-Mild bug fixes

-Magic dust

-Get the patch WITH the mod and use both together otherwise it won't work.

This is a pretty neat mod with lots of promise! I notice you use a lot of mcreator textures, though. I can make you some vanilla-friendly textures which would improve the aesthetic of the mod!

This Mod IS NOT UPDATELESS a new update will come out soon incase anyone wants to know more feel free to ask (its using the newest beta version so expect it out in 2-5 weeks.)