Shooty Stick's and Rice Mod - 1.11.2

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Very Important !!! The arquebus and crossbow still need an item in your inventory after you reload them to shoot (Arquebus needs iron nugget and crossbow needs disposable crossbow trigger.) And the armor item glitch is still standing strong.

So this mod gives you a whole bunch of new things: 

-Arquebus - Old matchlock rifle. Blinds you for a second when you use it. Does a lot of damage. Reloaded by crafting, Like most things in this mod.

-Crossbow - Shoots 3 different bolts. Kinda cool.

-Diving Suit - Gives you water breathing when you have the full set on.

-Tiki Masks - High Enchantability, but mostly just for looks.

-Wooden Armour - It's wooden armor. It has a chestplate and helmet. Low durability.

-Makeshift Rocket - It's a rocket that deals a lot of damage. But you can only use it once.

-Makeshift Pumpkin Bomb - Destroys soft blocks. Only works when it hits a block.

-Energy Tonic - Gives you a small speed boost.

-Giant Soups - It's giant soups.

-Seed Soup - It's seed soup. I't also has a giant version.

-Brochette - It's a brochette.

-Bandage - Heals you a little bit.

-Medkit - Heals you a lot

-Flint Kunai - You can throw it. Does damage.

-Chorus Muffin - Muffin with chorus muffin.

-Muffin - A cake that you can eat in hand.

-Bento Box -Gives you back loads of hungers.

-Stuffed Chicken - Also gives you loads of hungers.

-Rice - Drops from grass.

-Rice Ball - Cooked Rice. Gives you a little hunger.

-Onigiri - Gives you a little more hungers.


I'm probably not going to show the recipes. Just use JEI.

Put your ideas in the comments. If I like them I'll put them in. For know

I'm working on another stage to the game. Sci fi stage. Where you will

find crashed space ships and salvage parts and blueprints.


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