Industrial minecraftin mod

Published by Techmech15 on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 21:31
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This mod contains:

4 armor sets:

- Reinforced iron set is better than normal iron set.

- Electronic redstone set is a powerfull electronic tier armor.

- Diving set, is a good armor set for explore oceans.

- PPE refrigerant set with interesting beneficial states.


1 New biome:

- Industrial residue biome: this biome is adjacent to any desert, but is rare. You can find capsules and a lot of reinforced blocks for construction.


+10 more machines:

- Miners: extract minerals below these.

- Smelter and industrial furnance: burn impure ingots and creates pure ingots or combine two different ingots for make an alloy.

- assemblers: automate different parts.

- Logistics blocks: different types for transport items and fluids.

- Refinery and compound lab: fluid processing.

- Other types.


3 tools:

- Steel axe.

- Portable electric drill.

- Inductive pickaxe.


2 Swords:

- Reinforced iron sword.

- Steel alloy sword.


A lot of achievements for progression and unlock recipes.


2 new fluids:

-Oil and liquid redstone.



Modification files
Industrial minecraftian mod_0.jar - For minecraft 1.15.2, 98% in english.Uploaded on: 08/09/2020 - 21:35   File size: 2.39 MB

This is my first mod 100% without codding, only using procedures.

Sorry for the english. Im speak spanish. I hope you understand the descriptions.



Note: this is an alpha version, maybe have some bugs or other errors.

finally i get to see new industrial mods which actually have power nice mod.