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Looking for a mod that makes minecraft feel more *alive*? Then this may be the mod you're looking for!

This mod adds new wood types, food and items to the game! (Even saplings!) There are currently 900+ mod elements!

List of features:

  • 25 new wood types
  • 15 foods
  • 18 animals
  • 36 biomes
  • 8 plants
  • 1 painting

UPDATE: The first 1.5 snapshot is nearly out, just a few more blocks and biomes!

WARNING: Images/descriptions may be outdated! (they are lol)

List of Trees:

  • Pine (Taiga, Coniferous Forest, Shield) - A coniferous tree with reddish bark.
  • Fir (Mountains, Coniferous Forest, Coniferous Forest Hills, Canyon) - A coniferous tree with greyish bark.
  • Baobab (Savanna) - This wood is fire resistant but is softer than other woods.
  • Larch (Coniferous Forest) - This wood is a greyish-white colour and its leaves are yellowish-green.
  • Mahoe (Plains) - The blue wood (no other info)                                                                                          
  • Ebony (Savanna, Brushland [UPCOMING 1.5]) - An expensive black hardwood.
  • Chestnut (Forest) - This tree can drop chestnuts.
  • Palm (Tropical Island) - This tree grows coconuts on it. (no other info)
  • Beech (Deciduous Forest) - A medium-sized tree with white bark.
  • Mango (Tropical Rainforest) - A tree that can grow mangoes.
  • Pear (Plains) - A tree that grows pears.
  • Willow (Swamp) - A tree with green core and planks and vines that reach the ground.
  • Cedar (Coniferous Forest) - A coniferous tree with reddish bark and light red planks/log.
  • Redwood (Redwood Forest, Coniferous Forest) - These trees are huge and have reddish-coloured bark.
  • Peach (Plains) - These trees have pink core and planks and grow peaches.
  • Kapok (Tropical Rainforest) - These trees have light grey bark and magenta-purple planks.
  • Lemon (Plains) - These trees have greyish-white bark and have a yellow core and planks and drop lemons from the leaves.
  • Mahogany (Tropical Rainforest) - These trees have red bark and leaves of the same grass colour as the Tropical Rainforest.
  • Maple (Maple Forest, Deciduous Forest) - These trees have red leaves and can be right clicked with a bucket to get maple syrup.
  • Shadewood (Spooky Woods) - Conifer-shaped trees with purple leaves, bark and planks.
  • Hickory (Deciduous Forest) - A tree that drops pecans from the leaves.
  • Rotten (Spooky Woods, Wasteland [UPCOMING 1.5]) - A decayed, rotten tree.
  • Lime [UPCOMING 1.5] (Plains) - A tree that grows limes.
  • Apple [UPCOMING 1.5] (Orchard [AS BIG TREE] [UPCOMING 1.5], Plains [AS SMALL TREE]) - A tree that always drops a single apple.
  • Orange [UPCOMING 1.5] (Plains) - A tree that grows oranges.
  • Aspen [UPCOMING 1.5] (Aspen Forest [UPCOMING 1.5], Boreal Forest [UPCOMING 1.5]) - A birch-like tree that has a chance of dropping lemons.
  • Banana [UPCOMING 1.5] (Tropical Island) - A tree that grows bananas.
  • Apricot [UPCOMING 1.5] (Plains) - A tree that grows apricots.

List of Biomes:

  • Coniferous Forest - A forest biome with coniferous trees.
  • Coniferous Forest Hills - The hills variant of the Coniferous Forest.
  • Deciduous Forest - A forest with deciduous trees.
  • Rainforest - A warm biome with green grass and mountains.
  • Tropical Rainforest - A warm biome with colours similar to the vanilla Jungle which has patches of quicksand
  • Temperate Rainforest (grass: #abc647) (temperature: 0.6) - A temperate version of the Rainforest biome with slightly more yellowish grass and Cedar trees.
  • Dense Forest (grass: ) (temperature: 0.6) - A forest with dense oak trees and raccoons.
  • Canyon (grass: #968940) (temperature: 2) - A hot biome with different colours of rock.
  • Shattered Canyon (grass: #968940) (temperature: 2) - A shattered version of the Canyon with Hardened Dirt for ground.
  • Outback (grass: #b0b247) (temperature: 2) - A desert biome with red sand and acacia and fir scrubs.
  • Shield (grass: #689b44) (temperature: 0.2) - A forest biome with spruces and pines and "patches" of stone that resembles Canadian Shields.
  • Violet Field (grass: default) (temperature: 0.6) - A plains-like biome with violets everywhere.
  • Steppe (grass: #b0b247) (temperature: 0.7) - A plains biome with tall grass and similar-to-savanna-coloured foliage.
  • Spooky Woods (grass: #4b3393) (temperature: 0.3) - A cold, creepy forest biome with dead trees and shadewood trees and purple grass, foliage, water and air.
  • Boreal Forest [UPCOMING 1.5] (grass: ) (temperature: 0.3) - A cold taiga-like biome with spruce and aspen trees.
  • Thicket [UPCOMING 1.5] (grass: ) (temperature:

List of Mobs:

  • Shark (Oceans) - An underwater predator with sharp teeth. They kill fish and turtles (and players!). There are also different species- Normal Shark and Hammerhead Shark. Hammerheads are a bit slower but do more damage. Watch out!!
  • Orca [UPCOMING ???] (Oceans) - An underwater predator from the dolphin family. They kill players.
  • Hippo (Savanna, Swamp) - A neutral animal that runs fast and likes water.
  • Fly (everywhere!) - An annoying flying insect.
  • Deer (Forest, Taiga, Woodland, ???)
  • Coyote (Desert, Canyon) - A neutral animal from the dog family.
  • Frog (Swamp, Jungle, Rainforests) - An amphibian. (no other info)
  • Crab (Beach, Tropical Island) - Crustaceans with 10 legs and 2 claws.
  • Tadpole (River) - The larval stage of a Frog (grows into a Frog).
  • Raccoon (Woodland, Dense Forest) - A fast aggressive mammal with grey fur and a stripy tail.
  • Bear [UPCOMING 1.5] (Woodland, Caves) - A neutral animal with brown, black or blonde fur. They like fox, deer, fruit, fish (except pufferfish) and honey.

List of Plants:

  • Poison Ivy (Desert, Forest) - A poisonous plant.
  • Violet (Violet Field) - A blueish-purple plant used to make purple dye.
  • Thorns (Forests) - A plant that pokes/pricks the player.
  • Wildflower (Desert, Savanna) - A green flower that grows in the desert and savanna..
  • Small Bush (Woodland, Shield) - A small bush.

List of Foods:

  • Pecan
  • Chestnut
  • Lemon
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Cherry [UPCOMING 1.5]
  • Banana [UPCOMING 1.5]
  • Apricot [UPCOMING 1.5]
  • Apple Pie [UPCOMING 1.5]
  • Fruit Salad [UPCOMING 1.5]

Download and enjoy! :)

Mod discussion topic: https://mcreator.net/forum/66597/wildcraft-official-topic

Note: Sorry if a feature you liked was removed, it was removed for a reason.

Modification files
WildCraft v1.4.2 for 1.15.2.jar - Latest version3.26 MB
WildCraft v1.4.1 for 1.15.2.jar - Major Update, though some stuff is missing3.15 MB


Future plans for the mod include more animals, more biomes and more wood types!

1.6 - Food Update [UPCOMING] (950+ Mod Elements)
  • Updated to 1.16.4
  • Not much is planned
  • Added Donuts
  • Added Caramel? (how will we get this?)
  • Added IceCream
  • Added Cupcakes

1.5 - Fruit Update [UPCOMING] (900+ Mod Elements)
  • Updated to MCreator 2020.5
  • Added Fruit Salad
  • Added Apple Pie
  • Added Limes
  • Added Apricots
  • Added Cherries
  • Added Oranges
  • Added Lime wood
  • Added Apricot wood
  • Added Banana wood
  • Added Apple wood
  • Added Cherry wood
  • Added Orange wood
  • Added Aspen wood
  • Added Aspen Forest
  • Added Boreal Forest
  • Mahoe, Mango, Ebony and Kapok trees are now smaller
  • More balanced fruit tree spawning
  • Redwoods now spawn in Coniferous Forests
  • Changed Pear texture
  • Revamped Autumn Forest with better colours and different trees and Fallen Leaves (did I just rhyme?)
  • Added Cherry Blossom Grove
  • Updated all textures
  • Changed fir leaves texture
  • Changed Redwood tree original shape
  • Added more Redwood tree shapes- 2x2, 3x3, 4x4
  • Improved Pecan texture
  • Brightened Willow Planks and log core
  • Made Redwood Planks redder
  • Changed willow texture with texture update and light brown bark
  • Updated all planks, wood and log textures
  • Renamed Dead wood to Rotten wood

1.4.2 - Small Patch (800+ Mod Elements)
  • Added more hills biomes
  • Some biomes have been made more flat, like Violet Field
  • Added Dead Door
  • Added Dead Trapdoor
  • Added Deer
  • Added Shield Painting
  • Dense Forest is now actually a forest
  • Changed Pear texture
  • REMOVED Snowy Biomes due to "trouble having enough snow"
  • REMOVED Cheese
  • REMOVED Chip
  • REMOVED Toad
  • REMOVED Zombie Pig

1.4.1 - The Big Halloween Update (800+ Mod Elements)
  • Updated MCreator to 2020.5 snapshot
  • Added Redwood
  • Added Willow wood
  • Added Lemon wood
  • Added Cedar wood
  • Added Mango wood
  • Added Pear wood
  • Added Peach wood
  • Added Kapok wood
  • Added Dead wood
  • Added Mahogany wood
  • Added Shadewood
  • Added Mangoes
  • Added Pears
  • Added Peaches
  • Improved some textures...
  • Added missing trapdoors
  • Added Wood Stairs
  • Added Stripped Wood Stairs
  • Added Wood Slabs
  • Added Stripped Wood Slabs
  • Added Wood Fences
  • Added Stripped Wood Fences
  • Added Mud
  • Added Mud Bricks
  • Added Violet
  • Added Poison Ivy
  • Added Coniferous Forest
  • Added Coniferous Forest Hills
  • Added Tropical Rainforest
  • Added Meadow
  • Added Canyon
  • Added Oasis
  • Added Dune
  • Added Deciduous Forest
  • ...and many more biomes!
  • Added Coyotes
  • Added Hippos
  • Added Flies
  • Added Sharks
  • Added Anglerfish
  • Added Frogs
  • Added Crabs
    Added Dingoes
  • Added
  • ...and more animals from Bananarang's Animal Mod, and some more new ones!
  • [Bugfix]: Chestnuts used the wrong texture

Snapshot 3a (750+ Mod Elements):
  • Added Coniferous Forest
  • Added Coniferous Forest Hills
  • Added Tropical Rainforest
  • Added Rainforest
  • Added Temperate Rainforest
  • Added Spooky Woods
  • Added Pumpkin Patch
  • Added Woodland
  • Added Outback
  • Added Alps
  • Added Tropical Island
  • Added Maple Forest
  • Added Meadow
  • Added Canyon
  • Added Oasis
  • Added Violet Field
  • Added Dune
  • Added some saplings
  • Added small Fir trees
  • Beech trees are no longer 2x2 (large)
  • Changed Chestnut Wood texture
  • Added Hickory wood
  • Added Dead wood
  • Added Shadewood
  • Added Onions
  • Added Onion Rings
  • Changed order for blocks in the creative inventory
  • Renamed WildCraft Blocks to WildCraft
  • Removed WildCraft Weapons & Armour
  • Removed Ash Wood
  • Removed Wood Walls
  • Removed Wood Stairs
  • Removed Wood Slabs

Snapshot 2d (700+ Mod Elements):
  • Fixed Peach Leaves bug again, the bug wasn't correctly fixed in 2c

Snapshot 2c (700+ Mod Elements):
  • [Bugfix]: Peach Leaves didn't drop Peaches

Snapshot 2b (700+ Mod Elements):
  • Added planks item tag so sticks and crafting tables can be crafted from the custom planks
  • [Bugfix]: Fruit trees are now less common

Snapshot 2a (700+ Mod Elements):
  • Added Mahogany Wood
  • Added Ebony Sapling
  • Added some missing recipes
  • Added Wood Stairs
  • Added Missing Tree Structures
  • Added Tropical Rainforest
  • Added missing leaves

Snapshot 1a (550+ Mod Elements):
  • Added Redwood
  • Added Wood walls
  • Added Stripped Wood walls
  • Added Planks walls
  • Added Lemon wood (doesn't have leaves, stairs, slabs, fences, doors or trees yet)
  • Added Cedar wood
  • Added Mango wood
  • Added Pear wood
  • Added Willow wood
  • Added Kapok wood
  • Added Peach wood
  • Added Mangoes
  • Added Peaches
  • Added Coniferous Forest
  • Added Coniferous Forest Hills
  • Improved some textures...
  • Added missing trapdoors
  • Added missing saplings, along with new ones for new 1.4 wood types
  • [Bugfix #1]: Chestnuts used the wrong texture


1.2.1 (325+ Mod Elements):
  • Added Ebony wood
  • Added Beech wood
  • Added Palm wood
  • Added Chestnut wood
  • Added Ash wood
  • Added crafting recipes for some wood blocks
  • Corrected some recipes
  • Added Chips
  • Added Cheese
  • Added Copper
  • Added Coconuts
  • Added Coconut Flakes
  • Some Doors now have hinges on their texture

1.1 (150+ Mod Elements):
  • Added Slabs for all woods
  • Added Stairs for all woods
  • Added Fences for all woods
  • Added Fence Gates for all woods
  • Added Doors for all woods
  • Added Trapdoors for all woods
  • Moved all leaves to plants tab
  • Added Baobab Planks
  • Added Stripped Baobab Logs and Wood
  • Added Larch wood
  • Added Mahoe wood
  • Added Tomatoes (crop)
  • Added Corn (crop)

1.0 (50 Mod Elements):
  • Added Pine wood
  • Added Fir wood
  • Added Baobab wood
  • Added Autumnwood

Nice mod :)
Could I use this in a modpack I am planning on making???
Also I am the first person to download and upvote. This mod seems to fit with my modpack idea perfectly. I have always wanted more wood types for building thank you for making this amazing mod!!!!

do you think I should post snapshots? I will only make up to three snapshots because if I make more I would have to remove the current (stable) version and/or some of the snapshots