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This mod includes new compact blocks. Instead of having 3 double chests of dirt stacks you now only need one single chest to store almost all of your dirt!



- Slightly Compact Dirt

- Medium Compact Dirt

- Strong Compact Dirt

- Heavy Compact Dirt

- Slightly Compact Cobblestone

- Medium Compact Cobblestone

- Strong Compact Cobblestone

- Heavy Compact Cobblestone

- Slightly Compact Stone

- Medium Compact Stone

- Strong Compact Stone

- Heavy Compact Stone


Planned for the future:


Nothing at the moment! But if i get great feedback of this mod, I will add more compact blocks :)

Modification files
Compact-1.0-MC-1.15.2.jar - Compact! Version 1.0 Download for 1.15.2Uploaded on: 08/25/2020 - 15:51   File size: 65.1 KB

Version 1.0:


Added compact blocks for:

- Dirt

- Cobblestone

- Stone

Hey, nice mod! Wouldn't be a stretch to say it just might be featured in this week's Mcreator mod of the week! Though I gotta ask: Dow do you make those awesome logos? I use textcraft but they don't look as good as these. Do you draw them yourself?

I think this is a neat mod that it could be a nice addition when combined with other mods! I'd suggest compact sand, as you can end up with a lot of it later on.

add compact granite, diorite, andesite, sand, netherrack and endstone cuz that would be great for cleaning up your inventory