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Join the discord if you want to know more about the mod or if u want to help

Chemcraft is a mod about chemistry and minerals. The mod is still in development and I have a lot of ideas that I would like to implement but I am not really a skilled moder so if u want to help me create this mod by drawing textures making 3D models or helping me solve problems with procedures (that I often encounter) u can contact me on discord Noh#0320 or by emailing me

Explosives: be careful with them if it says that a material is sensitive high explosive it may detonate when right clicked on the ground or if it is very sensitive it can even explode when crafted. Some explosives can be confined and used as a better TNT alternative. Confined explosives are set off by a redstone signal. Explosives in the mod:

Ammonium picrate, Lead picrate, picric acid, lead azide, silver fulminate, TATP, nitroglicerin, nitrotoluene

Organic compounds: main source of organic compounds is bituminous coal from which usefull stuff can distilled like toluene, xylenes or phenols. This process is simplified so I will complicate it in the future so it can be more fun and realistic!

Elements: There are't many elements at the moment but I plan to include almost the whole periodic table which is going to be hard becouse every metal or nonmetal has to be extracted from it's ore in a complicated multi step process. I have included iron refining, copper refining, mercury and lead. Keep in mind that not everything is yet finished and there might be some inconsistencies.

Refining process example: To refine lead you first need to find galena and roast it in blast furnace to get impure lead oxide then wash the lead oxide in chemical washer with hydrochloric acid to get rid of soluable metal chlorides then convert the technical grade lead chloride to lead carbonate by adding sodium carbonate and the roasting the product to get lead II oxide of technical grade, then react the product with carbon monoxide in gas phase synthesiser to get lead powder which can be pressed or melted into electrode then using the same  process skipping the purification u can make impure lead electrodes which are going to be the anodes in electrolitic cell for a cathode u need tech grade or pure lead electrode the electrolite has to be lead hexafluorosilicate, pure lead crystals are going to deposit on the cathode. The byproduct of electrolisis is anode mud which contains diffrent metals that occur with lead like bismuth, arsenic, cadmium, zinc and silver they can be extracted from the anode mud and turned into pure salts or metals.

Machines: Not all of them have nice 3D models but I would like to make models for all of them. Also I had some trouble making all of them work currently Electric furnace and Molten salt electroliser aren't working.

Electroliser: used to electrolise salt solutions and collect gases. Working

Metal press: used to make metal plates and electrodes. Working

Blast furnace: used to make pig iron from magnetite/hematite and for crude ore processing. This furnace is fueled only by coke.  Working

Molten salt electroliser: used to electrolise molten salts like sodium chloride to obtain reactive metals like sodium and also for aluminum processing. Not working yet

Electric furnace: used for more sophisticated smelting and heating. Not working yet

Gas phase synthesiser: used for reacting gases together example hydrogen + carbon monoxide gives methanol also used for reacting gases with water to give solutions like hydrochloric acid or aq. ammonia. Working

Gas synthesiser: used for making gases and putting them into cylinders. Working

Fermenter: used for making yeast and alcohol will have more uses in the future. Working

Chemical washer: used for washing out useful stuff for example sand can be washed with dilute sulfuric acid to separate silicone dioxide from it. This machine is also used in anode mud processing. Working

Distillery: used to distill organic compounds from blocks of bituminous coal  this will also yield coke. Distillery can also be used to evaporate water and leave behind salts it has many other uses. Working

Isomer separator: doesn't have many uses can separate xylene isomers. Working

Batteries and power: This area of the mod is not very well developed yet the only thing I added is a lead battery which is used for electrolisis this item doesn't have crafting yet and there is no way of charging it. In the future I want to add some kind of solar power capable of charging batteries and also a lot more batteries like silver oxide zinc battery or NiMH battery. 

Inorganic compounds: there are about 50 different compounds at the moment some of them will have special uses like sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) can remove color from wool and banners.

Laboratory glassware: beaker is the most important piece of glass that can be used to carry out reactions in. 

Minerals: not all of the minerals are useful some of them are only for collection purposes but most of them are ores which are the primary source of inorganic materials. Textures of minerals were not drawn by me unlike most of the stuff in the mod thanks to my friend Nexreon who drew them for me!

So I didn't cover all of the recipes because I am posting this mostly to get some more people to work on this project cuz am not really that good at modding nor at drawing textures. 















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I love chemistry, so I'll definitely try this later. Do you have any plans on updating to newer versions like 1.15?

I tried sending you an email and then a Discord message to answer your request for help, but I can't seem to get through. If you'd still like some help, let me know!