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Prismite is a mod where you can obtain many new weapons and tools.


New Ores:


Dark Prismite


New Materials:

Prismite Bar

Dark Prismite Bar

Pure Prismite Bar

Dark Pure Prismite Bar


New Melee Weapons:

Prismite Sword

Dark Prismite Sword

Pure Prismite Sword

Dark Pure Prismite Sword

Ultimate Prismite Sword

Unstable Prismite Sword


New Guns:

Prismite Pistol

Prismite Rifle

Prismite Sniper Rifle

Prismite Flamethrower

Prismite Shotgun

Prismite Minigun

Explosive Prismite Minigun(Unobtainable in survival)


New Tools:

Prismite Pickaxe and Axe

Dark Prismite Pickaxe and Axe

Pure Prismite Pickaxe and Axe

Dark Pure Prismite Pickaxe and Axe

Prismite Multitool(Everything)

Prismite Converter(Converts Normal Blocks to Prismite)

Dark Prismite Converter(Converts Normal Blocks to Dark Prismite)

Knight Spawner(Spawns 2 Knights, 1 Hardcore Knight)

Ultimate Knight Spawner(Spawns 7 Knights, 3 Hardcore Knights)


New Armor:

Prismite Armor


New Mobs:

Prismite Beast

Ultimate Prismite Beast(Boss Mob)

Knight(Follows Player if holding sword, Attacks Monsters)

Hardcore Knight(Attacks Difficult Monsters)


New Items:

Prismite Bar

Pure Prismite

Dark Prismite Bar

Dark Pure Prismite

Prismite Gun Lower

Prismite Gun Upper

Prismite Gun Barrel

Prismite Gun Scope

Prismite Gun Stock

Prismite Igniter

Dark Prismite Igniter

Prismite Shard

Dark Prismite Shard

Legendary Prismite Shard

Legendary Dark Prismite Shard


New Blocks:

Prismite Block

Pure Prismite Block

Dark Prismite Block

Dark Pure Prismite Block

Prismite TNT

Liquid Prismite

Dark Liquid Prismite


New Biomes:

Prismite Biome


New Dimensions:

Prismite Dimension

Dark Prismite Dimension


New Structures:

Obsidian Castle

Temple Ruins

Hidden Fortress


Currently everything intended to be obtainable is obtainable, if you find you can't craft something listed here, it probably is not meant to be crafted.

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