Infernal Bosses (For the Boss Challenge Event)

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This mod was created for the Boss Challenge event. It is for 1.14.4 instead of 1.15 because of that.

The cyclops has 1000 health and does a lot of damage. In order to handle the cyclops attacks you should use enchanted diamond or anything better along with a shield.

The mod currently only has the cyclops boss. In the future there will be more bosses in the mod :)

Modification files
mcmodded1.14's infernal bosses.jar - the first version of the mod its for 1.14.4 forgeUploaded on: 08/30/2020 - 18:45   File size: 19.64 KB

alpha 0.2:

-added cyclops.

This is for the Boss Challenge event. Thats why so little is in the mod currently

Good idea, but it would probably be bad if most bosses came from a mod created specifically for the event. You should probably look for 1.14 mods in the community and ask their creators for permission to use their bosses (even if I don't think the permission is needed since you are just making a video)

I am going to develop the mod after. In the future I plan on making a lot more mobs and I will add structures.

Also I am not the one making the video. I am just one of the people that are making bosses for the event.

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