Just Enough Bees (JEB) + JEB Addon

Published by ManyMan on Sat, 11/28/2020 - 03:50
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New blocks

  • Advanced hive. With its help, bees can produce resources. They will be produced automatically. Bees, however, will not attack the player when collecting resources.
  • Expansion box. With the help of the block, you can expand the capacity of the hives.
  • Centrifuge. You can extract resources from honeycombs, as well as extract wax.
  • Mucous nest. Suitable for slimy bees.
  • Single nests. Can sometimes be found in the world. With their help, you can produce resources.
  • Dragon Egg Hive. The best house for expensive bees.


  • Bee cage. You can transport the bees to the right places.
  • Honey treat. Calms angry bees.
  • bucket of honey. For storing honey.


  • iron;
  • gold;
  • lapis lazuli;
  • redstone;
  • emerald;
  • diamond;
  • luminous;
  • quartz;
  • magmatic;
  • flaming;
  • ender bee;
  • skeletal;
  • zombie bee;
  • wither bee;
  • dragon;
  • dye bee;
  • woody;
  • ranch bee;
  • single;
  • modified.
  • And more!

Bees will be able to produce items of the same name. The golden bee is gold, the diamond bee is diamonds. Modified bees are suitable for industrial mods. They can be used to obtain brass, titanium, bronze and other alloys.

New honey

A special honey has been added that can heal bees.

Remember: There are around 50+ New bees!


Adds to the game the Bee Master Wand:

You can mount any kind of bee!

Bee armor:

Resists any kind of poison! 

Modification files
Just enough bees.jar - ModUploaded on: 11/28/2020 - 04:18   File size: 1.87 MB
BeesAddon 2.0.jar - AddonUploaded on: 12/03/2020 - 21:43   File size: 6.18 MB


Adds to the game the Bee Master Wand:

You can mount any kind of bee!

Bee armor:

Resists any kind of poison! 

Remember: This addon can be used with any bee mod!

Addon 2.0

Added new painting with 3 forms 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48. REMEMBER: This addon can be used with any bees mod.

I just made the JEB Addon! Check the description or the changelog to see what's new!