The EnderMight

Published by ZharkAC on Sat, 01/16/2021 - 20:20
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This Mod Adds in a Stronger Enderman type mob which are stronger than Regular Enderman. theres one thing i wanted to add to this mob which was a animation but i didn't know how(if you know how than please tell me).

Mobs: EnderMight

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This Mod was made in a short time meaning there may be bugs.

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EnderMight-1.16.4-v0.0.jar - Adds in the EnderMightUploaded on: 01/16/2021 - 20:35   File size: 33.09 KB

you can make a animation in blockbench, also the model looks good, the mod adds only one thing tho, so if you make something more in the mod it can be a complete thing.