Interesting Encounters

Published by flickethst on Wed, 09/23/2020 - 18:51
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Interesting Encounters is a mod with many new, interesting things added. Some of the things added are:
-1 New Dimension. 
How do I get to this dimension, you may ask? Well. you first make a portal frame out of blocks of coal. Now, you get some obsidian, smelt it, and you have a Dark Stone. This is the new dimension's own flint and steel. You use it to light the portal. Once you get to the new dimension, you have access to a new ore that you can use to craft a Dark Sword.
-3 New Armor types. Obsidian Armor. Use Obsidian to craft it. There's also Emerald and Ruby tools/armor in there.
-Multiple new blocks: Ruby Block, Dark Wood, Dark Wood Planks, Dark Ore and Ruby Ore!
Ruby and Emerald tools are repeated, yes, but they may be more powerful and fun to use than other mods' versions!
It's still in development, so expect much more in the future!
Version 1.0.0.

Modification files
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