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Hi! Im sure you have heard of the whole Cave Update drama. I really wanted it but it is not coming for 1.15 so i decided to make one for me and you guys who want the Cave Update or just a Cave Modification. Now I will be making a mod video on my youtube channel AidanDoesIt. Go check it out! Also this mod is in BETA atm so there will be no structures spawning properly right now (if you can help me with the structures do so, discord is Boop#2946). This mod adds alot of unique items like...

Ruby, Malachite, Titanium, Shadow, Obsidian, Gold nugget, Iron block ore, DiamondX3, Copper, Sapphire, Marble, Limestone, Shadow dust, Mythical dust, and Gold dust ore.

Weapons tools and armour:
Ruby, Shadow, Titanium, Reinforced Swords, and Copper sword

Cooked flesh (steak flesh), Cooked spider eye, Cooked red mushroom, Cooked brown mushroom, Cooked mushrooms, Glowing mushroom, Cooked glowing mushroom, Purified lowing mushroom, Top coconut side, and Bottom coconut side.

Other items/blocks:
Shadow block, Blood tree root, Blood tree pocket, Blood tree flower, Shadow sand, Bright dirt, Bright grass, Copper block, Bow pieces 1, 2, 3, and 4, Marble quartz, Malachite stick, Limestone bricks, Coconut, Cobble bricks, Marble quartz bricks, Andesite bricks, Granite bricks, Diorite bricks, Igniter for new dimensions, and Boss spawner.

Shadow spider, Shadow zombie, Shadow skeleton, Shadow creeper, 106, Stone creeper, Ghost, Goblin, and 096.

Shadow dimension, Bright dimension, Shadow Plains, Shadow Ocean, Blood Tree, and Tropical Biome.

If you have any feedback or ideas please tell me (remember structures coming soon).

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
BETA_0.jar - This is the beta704.82 KB

BETA- No Structures

Nice mod :)
I'd recommend spacing out your description a little though, people are often out off downloading mods if the description is a huge block of text.