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Supplementaries (formerly Moddy McModface) is a small mod  that adds couple of blocks that I felt were missing from vanilla minecraft, all without straying too far from the vanilla experience.

I hope you like my first mod :D
Main page here


  • Wind vane: cool decoration blocks that swings depending on the weather and will give off a redstone signal depending if it's raining or thundering
  • Pedestal: acts as an item display and doubles as a column. Try placing one on top of the other!
  • Redstone Illuminator: simple variable light source that stays on by default and decreases its light level depending on the power it receives
  • Planter: used for growing crops without the need of a water source block. Now you can grow them even in the nether!
  • Notice Board: simple block that lets you insert a book it it and will display the content of its first page. You can interact with it with hoppers meaning you can make some interesting contraptions that display a specified text dynamically. Note that the algorithm that displays the first page tries to fill as much space as possible resizing the font accordingly so if it doesn't display as you would want try adding spaces.
  • Crank: basically more powerful version of a lever that lets you choose between 16 different power states as you turn it,
  • Piston Launcher: I've added this one because it's been 5 years and slime blocks + pistons are still inconsistent and bugged as hell. This block does one thing, it push entities about twice as far as the vanilla setup(when it works). Enjoy your new elytra launcher! Oh and for the veterans, yes the shape is an homage to the original piston mod
  • Faucet: when turned on it starts spilling on the ground the inventory of up to two blocks behind it. If you place it in front of a water block (cauldron, water/waterlogged), it will start dripping water particles.
  • Turn Table: when powered it will keep rotating the block that it's facing or the entityes that are standing on it. For a single rotation provide him a short pulse. You can toggle its face to reverse the direction. I've implemented it without tile entity so you can push it but as a side effect it could cause more lag... will need feedback on this one.
  • Clock Block: I'm sure I don't have to explain this one.
  • Jar: WIP. can store 4 buckets or 12 bottles of any vanilla liquids (like honey) as well as fireflies. It basically functions as a shulker box for liquids or a rudimental tank. I will add faucet support.
  • Firefly: WIP. a passive mob that spawns in plains, roofed forest and swamps. they do nothing except flying around. you can put them in a jar by right clicking one with it.



Currently the mod is in an early stage and is still WIP, so I wouldn't recommend including it in modpacks since it might have a few bugs.

I'm still working on it so expect a few more updates before the first stable release.

Also I'm a very beginner modder so if you find any game breaking bug let me know.



You might notice that I've included a couple of blocks similar to the ones added from other mods. I wanted to point out that everything here, assets included was made by myself (of mojang of course) and I only took some inspirations and ideas which I really liked from other mods that, unfortunately, aren't available for 1.15.


Note #2:

I'm open to suggestions! If you have any ideas that you think would fit well in the mod of have any feedback let me know. Also all help is appreciated! If you know how to do textures of add sounds and would like to help feel free to contact me!

Modification files
Supplementaries-0.6.3.jar - Added sign post607.59 KB
Supplementaries-0.6.4.jar - fixed server issues618.95 KB
Supplementaries-0.6.5.jar - Turn table now is a tile entity. As such it should cause less lag but It can't be moved by pistons anymore. It now can rotate bl611.84 KB

Turn table now is a tile entity. As such it should cause less lag but It can't be moved by pistons anymore. It now can rotate blocks like signs.

Changed sign post recipe so it's different from the slab one.

Pedestals can display custom item names

In short you have to use the tile entity special renderer to render the additional stuff. I don't want to clutter the comment section here too much but I can explain what code you need to use. Just give me a direct contact (I haven't figured out how to send direct messages here. I'm guessing you can't)

Awesome mod, don't know why does it have so few downloads
Try submitting it for MOTW maybe :)