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Welcome to >ANOTHERMODS'<. /// anothermod..m

What is this Mod?

This Mod is made by ModMiked (mpm). This Mod adds new Enchantments, Biomes, Advancements, Materials and much more, Effects, Paintings etc.

The Anothermods' Mod even adds Netherite and Nether Gold to 1.15.2. Including a new Smithing Table, overridden Crafting Recipe of the old one.

LT Update --> Whats new?

- Fixed Nether Gold, it was dropping nothing.

- New Invincibility Effect on Respawn as Spawn Protection, like on some Servers

- Added Respawn Crate, obtained on Death, gives you a random Starter item, is destroyable by Ston Tool or better.

- Added TnT Bucket, just as meme, idk why

- Website updated! anothermod.m/LT

What are the new Enchantments?

Animaliting: More Damage to Animals

Frost Aspect: Gives Enemies Slowness (and maybe Freezing Effect)

Lifesteal: If you hit, you have a chance to get healed

Poison/Wither Aspect: Gives Enemies Wither/Poison effect


Cooking: Like Smelting, every Block drops its burned Version. (Cobblestone - Stone)


Wither/Poison: Wither/Poison Aspect for Bows (Gives Wither/Poison Effect)

Multiarrow: Shoots more Arrows per Shot

Healthing: Like BowHP on Hypixel, if you hit, you get messaged how many HP the Opponent has (or 0)

What are the new Blocks?

1. Ancient Debris: Drops itself, if using Cooking, it drops Netherite Scrap. Not breakable by Beds/Tnt, Needs Diamond Tool level +

2. Nether Gold: Drops 1-9 Gold Nuggets, not breakable by Beds/Tnt currently, Needs Iron Tool Level +

3. Netherite Block: Drops itself, not breakable by Beds/Tnt, Needs Diamond Tool Level +

4. Smithing Table: Drops itself, on rightclick, opens itself, breakable by Tnt/Beds, needs Iron Tool Level +

5. Restart Crate: Drops a random Item, obtained on Death, can be destroyed by Stone Tools+

Restart Crates drops one of the following: Iron Nugget, Gold Nugget, Oak Log, acacia Log, Wheat, Sugar Cane, ($§(/"!(?

And the new Items?

Netherite Scrap: Obtainable through Ancient Debris, usable to craft Netherite Ingots.

Netherite Ingot: Can be used in a Smithing Table to upgrade Diamond Items.

Netherite Tools: Upgraded Diamond Items in Smithing Table, better Durability, better Damage

Netherite Sword: Upgraded Diamond sword in Smithing Table, better Durability, better Damage

Netherite Armor: Upgraded Diamond Armor in Smithing Table, better Durability, better Damage

Lifesafer: Not-Stackable Item, if you would die, it safes you from deaths like Totem of Undying, but gives you lower Health and no Effects.

New Biomes

Currently, there are 2 new Biomes. You need both for the new Exploration Advancement.

Red Sanded Desert: Desert, some Hills, Cacti, with Red sand. Normal Desert Villages, caves etc.

Modified RSD: Desert, Mountains, Cacti, Red Sand, Caves, no Ores, Only Emerald Ore, Extreme Hills. Modified Version of Red Sanded Desert.

Enchantment Picture (#6 Title Pic)

I noticed that it is a bit bugged, so here is the full Picture: Enchantments


  • 1.0: Netherite Boots Model is just Pink (buggy) :: Might be fixed on 1.16.4 release!
  • Website//1.0: Pictures are a bit too big.

New Recipes




Modification files
Anothermods.jar - Anothermod 1.0 // Fix 0Uploaded on: 10/15/2020 - 10:11   File size: 1.64 MB
AnothermodsLT.jar - Anothermod 1.1 // LT UpdateUploaded on: 10/16/2020 - 21:58   File size: 1.71 MB

Anothermod 1.1 // LT Update:

  • Fixed Nether Gold
  • New TNT Bucket
  • New Invincibility, Spawn Protection
  • New Respawn Crates (^Blocks)


  • Updated Website to LT Update.

Please ignore: the 2. Bug, it was just really really big in Editing Mode
Please ignore the Mistake on Picture 6 (Title Pictures)