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Hello! It's FireWorks_CreepeR!

This mod is a mod adding a new set of armor and tools...

All of these armor and tools are better and stronger than the diamond ones by multiple times. Anyways, to get them you'll need to pass through tons of mined diamonds, coal blocks, long smelting and much more. Those are pretty cool tools, as for example the sword will deal 20.5 damage with no enchantments. It's challenging to get them, but it's worth it as those tools will be at your favor for hundreds of minecraft days which is perfect for example if you killed the Ender Dragon and want to build a giant enderpearl farm or a house made of diamonds you can find with the new quantum pickaxe.

For all of those tools and pieces of armor you'll need new crafting components. To check the crafting recipes for those components and tools/armor you can use Just Enough Items (JEI).

Hope you enjoy this quite simple and powerful mod! Good luck with the new mining!

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quantumtools_1.15.2.jarUploaded on: 10/18/2020 - 21:39   File size: 89.85 KB

ok, the textures looks cool, but the items are really to much op, a diamond sword deals 7 damage, and this thing 20,5, its to much! even for an endgame set!
so if you nerf the set, this mod is ok! also you could add new sets and new mobs to give this set a reason to be op!