Published by E_J_B100 on Fri, 10/23/2020 - 09:09
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this Mod adds:

-The Frozen Nether a new dimension with 6 different structures

-many new Ores:

      Silver Ore ( Nether, Overworld)

      Amethyst Ore (Overworld)

      Copper Ore (Overworld)

      Topaz Ore (Nether)

      Platinum Ore (Nether)

      Frozen Iron Ore (Frozen Nether)

      Electrum Ore (Frozen Nether)

      Uranium Ore (Frozen Nether)

      Frozen Nether Remnant (Frozen Nether)

-New Blocks used for crafting:

      Frosted Crafting Table

            put a normal Iron Pickaxe in the middle and Ice around it then activate it with a redstone signal


            use the new Ice Blocks you can find in the Frozen Nether as fuel and put Uranium or Forzen Ironm Ore in the other slot

-New Machines like

      The Smelter

            put a campfire or magma block on top iron and emerald blocks in the two slots and add some ice blocks from the Frozen Nether

The Smelter

      The Reactor Core

            just put enough Uranium in the Tanks and the Uranium Silo and click on the Reactor Core using a normal Hammer

            place a charger on top or under one of the fans and a battery on top or under the charger to charge them

the Reactor

       The Weather Changer

            you can change the Weather with this Machine which is pretty obvious


      The Stone Generators which generate Stone and Ores

-4 different Wands that can be crafted with the Crystals that you can find in the new Structures in the Frozen Nether

-3 New Apples with some cool effects

if you want to play with this Mod i recommend using JEI (Just Enough Items)


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added a crafting recipe for the frosted crafting table