Published by Sheppboi on Tue, 10/27/2020 - 16:15
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Beta 1.0 now in progress - The polish off

Singularity is a mod that adds various random things. A lot of this mod is incomplete, but I look forward to expanding it. Most of this mod is progressive, post-end dimensions, and so forth. There are (supposedly) 3 sets of tools and armor, even though they are mostly incomplete; Zen, Illusion, and Void. This mod was also originally made for 1.12, so please don't complain about the old textures. Anyway, thanks and leave support! (if possibleOk now theres a lot more than this lol

Modification files
SingularityXXf.jar - Version MB
SingularityXXe.jar - Version MB
SingularityXXd.jar - Version MB
SingularityXXb.jar - Version MB

Added.. stuff

Sorry for the late reply, but no, I'm not talking about using those tree presets. Instead, you can grab a few structure blocks (look up structure blocks on the Minecraft wiki if you need help with them) and save a tree as a structure (make sure you fill in the blocks that you don't want to be part of the structure with structure voids, and then import those structures into Mcreator and make a structure that spawns throughout the world.

bruh i release a version and like 2 seconds later theres 4 more downloads