End Survival

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Tired of making bases in the Overworld?Don't want to waste time to kill the dragon to setup a base in the End?Then this mod is for you!

On spawn,you get sent to the end and it give you starting equipments.

KNOWN BUG:The 1st iron pickaxe will disappear.If anybody knows why please post on github.Currently the procedure will insert 2 iron pickaxes,resulting one in the inventory.

There are gold,iron,diamond,emerald ores in the end.IT CAN ALSO SPAWN ON THE SURFACE. due to the outer islands are smaller,you might have better luck finding ores there.I modified the textures such that the ore textures DOES NOT MATCH the vanilla ores.Identify ores by color or mine them.

NOTE:You will be dropped on the end island from a great(?) height but you have 20 seconds of resistance 127.Quickly put on the pumpkin.

NOTE:The ender dragon is already killed and will instantly die when respawned.

NOTE:If everybody dislikes the idea of "banning" the ender dragon,I might consider removing this "ban".

NOTE:You can't get to overworld by jumping into the exit portal unless you have overworld pass time.


Newest version:Balance Update pre-2(1.9 pre-2)



****The balance update PRE-RELEASE 2 IS OUT!!(there is no pre-release 1 lol)****


End essence extractor tweaked
End essence extractor now has a 60% chance to return 1 end essence nugget.

Heat condenser further nerfed.

Some crafting tweaks.

[technical news]

code cleanup

"fixed something"


NOTE:I don't have a lot of time to de-endermite[1] this.Please post any bugs to https://github.com/pickerstick/MCreator-End-Survival.Thank you.

Note [1]:

"endermite" means bug.   :D


Recipes:See JEI. (Ender Crafter recipe integration complete)

Starting Items:

Grass blocks(128)

Bone meals(128)

Iron pickaxe(see bugs above)(only one)

gold pickaxe(only one)

water bucket(2)

lava bucket(1)

Oak sapling(3)

Oak log(64)


Carved pumpkin(1)



English,Chinese(localized file for Chinese will be availiable later than original release,hotfixes and future versions will have localization of this version.)

Modification files
End Survival 1.8.jar - Overworld Update 1Uploaded on: 09/13/2021 - 14:36   File size: 308.04 KB
End Survival 1.9 pre-2_0.jar - Balance Update pre-2!Uploaded on: 01/02/2022 - 09:19   File size: 305.09 KB

No changelogs:(

How did you made the JEI integration? I wanted to add this to my mod and I know that it requires java coding, howewer i couldn't find enything about it, only thay it's impossible.