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This is the readme file for the Library mod. A mod designed to create virtual libraries within Minecraft.
This mod allows you to create and maintain a collection of files.

There are two new blocks and one new item.

Library Shelf: This block has the same properties as a normal bookshelf, but with the added benefit of actually "containing" books. When a player right clicks on this block
while holding nothing, a menu will open up with a number the user can change by using the buttons on screen. Once a number is chosen, click the Ok button and some text will
appear in the game chat. This text can be used as a way to share links to books, videos, music, and any other type of media. I recommend using something like to shorten your URL.
Master Block: This block is used to save the text you want for the number shown on the screen. Right click on this block while holding the Librarian's Key to open a menu.
In this menu, choose a number using the up and down buttons shown on screen. Then, type the title and URL of the file you want to share ([Title]_[URL]). Finally, click okay.
This saves whatever you typed to that number so that when someone goes to the Library Shelf and picks that number, that bit of text pops up for them in chat.
Librarian's Key: This is an item that can be used to access the menu of the Master Block. Without this, the text for each number cannot be edited.

Library Shelf: One Bookshelf combined with one Block of Redstone.
Master Block: This can only be spawned in through creative mode. This is to help prevent players joining your server from changing the links.
Librarian's Key: One Gold Nugget combined with one Iron Nugget.

At the moment, this mod can only hold 20 links. I will add more if needed. The counters have been left to go past 20 but be aware that no text will be saved past that number.
I hope you enjoy this mod.:)



Modification files - Unzip, place in your mods folder to play this mod. Uploaded on: 10/30/2020 - 02:35   File size: 91.56 KB
Library1.2.jar - This mod is NOT server friendly, Uploaded on: 01/03/2021 - 21:22   File size: 111.04 KB




-Updated to 1.16.4

-removed Master Block Recipe