Farmer's Dream

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Only carrots, beetroot, melon, pumpkin and potatoes? Not anymore!

Update: The mod is released!

Farmer's Dream adds lots of new crops and adds new foods of existing crops and makes crops more useful.

List of features:

  • 1 new fruit
  • 4 new foods
  • 15 mod elements

List of fruits:

  • Eggplant (Bamboo Jungle and Hills, Plains) - A purple fruit that has a "droopy" plant.
  • Tomato [UPCOMING 1.1] (Farms) - A red, juicy fruit.

List of Vegetables [UPCOMING 1.1]:

  • White Onion [UPCOMING 1.1] (Plains) - A white vegetable used in onion rings.
  • Lettuce [UPCOMING 1.1] (Farms, Plains) - A leaf vegetable.
  • Cabbage [UPCOMING] (Farms) - A green leafy plant considered as a vegetable.
  • Corn [UPCOMING] (Farms) - A yellow vegetable

Note: Carrot sticks are NOT for crafting!

Modification files
Farmer's Dream v1.0 for 1.15.2.jar - First versionUploaded on: 11/13/2020 - 12:57   File size: 55.3 KB


  • New mod
  • Eggplant
  • Roast Eggplant
  • Roast Carrot
  • Carrot Sticks