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It is meme Garbage.


Obamium is a common ore that, upon being broken, gives you two Raw Obamamiums. Smelting them gives you Refined-Obamas. These items are extremely explosive, and can be made into an Arrow. The recipe is a normal arrow, expect the head is three Refined-Obamas. If you craft an energized Obama, you can make an even stronger Obama Arrow. 

Throughout the world, you will find quite commonly, Pepsi Water. This is an extremely regenerative liquid that heals you instantly. However, finding Pepsi Blocks will give you Pepsi. It will poison you. Combining Pepsi, by surrounding a Pepsi with something such as Doge Tears or Obamium, will give you a special and potent potion.

In the nether, Doge Blocks will spawn aggressive Doge-People, who will hunt you own if you come near them or the Doge Blocks. The Doge blocks will produce Doge Coins, of which crafted into a full block of 9 in a crafting table will produce 1 Emerald. Otherwise, breaking the Doge Block will produce 6 Doge Tears.

Boomerite is an uncommon ore that can be crafted into extremely efficient tools, of which outclass Diamonds, but are the weakest tools in the mod and game as of yet only being allowed to be used 10 times.


Kyle Realm:
The Kyle Realm is an extremely outlandish land. The only place to find Monster Energy Drinks and the Energy Rat: a rat that once killed drops Pure Energy. Six Pure Energy on top of three Refined-Obamas will create an Energized Obama. Also within the Kyle Realm, you will find the Doge Cows.

Upcoming Releases

Desert Dangers Update (Designing...)
The Desert Dangers Update will bring more mobs, structures and loot in the desert biome of the Overworld. As well as additional ores and special blocks.

Ruin and Insight Update (Upcoming...)
The Ruin and Insight Update will bring far more structures and ruins that are scattered throughout the Overworld. Loot, mobs and special items that spawn only within the Ruins.

No Promises, But Ideas:

Area 51 - Suggested by Faceless Pikachu
A structure in the Desert biome, will be guarded by the US Military and have Alien loot.

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Meme Garbage - 0.1.jar - Meme Garbage, Version 0.1518.37 KB
Meme Garbage - 0.2_0.jar - Meme Garbage, Version 0.21.25 MB
Meme Garbage - 0.3.jar - Meme Garbage, Version 0.3 - The Kyle Update1.41 MB

Version 0.3.1 - 8/17/19

* Changed the Doge Coin to Emerald crafting recipe to result in 3 Emeralds instead of 1 
* Changed Obepsium's effect to give a minor Health Boost and makes the player Glow.
* Changed the Doge Tear's sprite
* Changed the Kyle Biome trees' leaves to be Logs instead of Cobwebs. Vastly improves performance in the Kyle Dimension
* Made the Kyle Dimension not so dark!
* Kyle Residue should now spawn far more frequently

Version 0.3 - The Kyle Update - 8/16/19

* Lowered the Regeneration effect from Pepsi Water drastically
* Nerfed the damage and health of the Doge enemy. Buffed speed slightly.
* Increased the amounts of uses by the Boomerite Tools to 27 instead of 20.
* Updated the Boomerite Ore and Obamamium Ore blocks to fit the Minecraft Aesthetic.
* Changed the mod's creative tab icon.
* Changed Obamamium to spawn slightly lower in height.
* Changed Energy Rats to only rarely drop Pure Energy, and always drop Raw Chicken.
* Changed Pepsi Blocks to spawn also within the Kyle Dimension.
* Greatly lowered the Energy Rat's maximum spawn group
* Changed the name of Raw Obamium to just Obamium.
* Halved the maximum tree height of the Kyle Biome.
* Reduced Boomerite to only drop 1 Boomerite instead of 3.
* Changed the effect of Tear Pepsi once again to a great effect of Health Boost.

+ Added the Boomerite Axe
+ Added Kylcorn and the food that comes from the crop.
+ Added Glowreed.
+ Added the Kyle Residue Block.
+ Added a recipe that allows conversion of Glowreed to Glowstone Dust
+ Added Millenite and converting Boomerite to Millenite through a square of Boomerite and a Kyleite in the middle.
+ Added Millenite Tools and Sword (Operates at the same level as Stone tools, but break blocks way faster)
+ Added Doge Milk. Putting three in a crafting table will craft 1 Monster Energy.
+ Added Doge Meat, and a cooked varient.
+ Added Kyle Ore, which drops Kyleite Quartz.
+ Added 12 Kyle Structures that spawn in the Overworld and Kyle Dimension.

- Kyle Biome no longer naturally generates in the Overworld.
- Pepsi Water no longer naturally generates in the Overworld.

Version 0.2 - 8/11/19

* Made Kyle Realm much rarer
* Made Obamamium slightly rarer
* Made Obamamium spawn lower in world height
* Changed the Tear Pepsi's potion effect to Regeneration
* Changed the Energized Obamamium Arrow
* Changed the sprite for Monster Energy Blocks
* Changed the sprite for Monster Energy
* Changed Obamamium to drop 1 Raw Obamamium instead of 2.

+ Added the Doge Miner
+ Added Gamer Juice as a Recipe
+ Added a Recipe where 3 Gold Ingots is equal to 1 Doge Coin.
+ Added the Boomerite Ore
+ Added Boomerite Tools. They operate close to diamonds, but break very quickly.

Release - Version 0.1 - 8/11/19
+ Added Obamamium, along with the Raw and Refined items.
+ Added the Ob-Arrow, along with the Energized Arrow
+ Added Pepsi Water
+ Added Pepsi Blocks
+ Added Pepsi, along with its crafting recipes for more potions
+ Added the Doge Block, along with Doge, Doge Tears and Doge Coins
+ Added the "Kyle Realm" Biome. 
+ Added Monster Energy Drink
+ Added the Energy Rat, with Pure Energy as a drop

Any chance of you adding area 51 as a pregenerated structure? Maybe it could only be found in the desert.