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Benches are a mod, obviously, about benches. There are only 7 types of benches and 6 types of wood from which they are made. There are many flaws in this modification, for example, that you can not sit on them or on a sawmill, if you put a log in it, then the result is not 2 halves of the log, as it should be, but one. There is also such a drawback, in which an infinite number of halves of logs can be made from one log. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix these errors, so let it stay that way))
With this mod, instead of just putting steps, you can decorate the entrance to the house, parks or just put a bench by the fire. I wanted to make not only benches, but also tables, beds, cabinets, bedside tables and other furniture in the same style, but I decided to do everything separately. In the modification, you can improve the previous bench, which you probably did not like and you do not want to spend resources on a new one again, or immediately build the right one, all the crafts are shown in the photos.
I hope that you will be interested in the Benches mod and you will download it :)

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Benches 1.16.5.jarUploaded on: 08/02/2021 - 14:05   File size: 3.19 MB

I haven't tested the mod but I think the bug of infinite logs comes from the amount of items added/removed in your procedure.
You maybe forgot to make it place 2 log parts in the slot and remove the full one in the same or other slot.
this can be done pretty easily since theres procedure blocks for this