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Introducing Addtlcraft!

Addtlcraft is a Minecraft mod that strives to bring some minor additions to spruce up your Minecraft adventure! Whether it be new building blocks to dazzle up your builds, or new weaponry to keep yourself safe from monsters, the mod adds multiple new features into the game both big and small!

As of now, the mod is currently in beta, with a lot more planned to be added in the future.



  • A new set of tools and blocks for the desert: Cactus! Totally not stolen from another blocky game, cacti can now act as a substitute for wood for those desert-centric playthroughs! While cacti tools aren't as durable as wood, they cause a pricking effect on anything it hits, granted it doesn't have any protection against it.
  • New ores to be found when mining!
    • Silver Ore can be smelted into Silver Ingots, which can be used to make the blast resistant Steel Blocks!
    • Sapphires, that can only be found within the caves of cold climates.
    • Rubies, that can only be found within the caves of hot and humid climates.
  • A new ranged weapon with the Pistol! Made of steel and flint, the pistol is able to fire bullets at mobs without the need for charging. While it doesn't deal as much damage as the other ranged weapons, with enough shots it can kill in the same amount of time.
  • New mobs to be found when travelling the land!
    • Penguins spawn within snowy climates, and just love the taste of salmon!
    • Frogs spawn within the swamps and hop around... or at least try to.
    • The Woodforged protect the forests with their blade, fighting against the zombies that rot the open air.
  • Want to engage in magic? Magic Wands can be crafted out of gold and lapis, and when combined with some mysterious gems can allow the player to harness the elements! Those mysterious gems are said to be forged from the rarest gemstones in the land.
  • New blocks to be found and crafted!
    • Brimstone is a block found deep underground near lava pools. When they come into contact with lava, they get heated and hurt the player if they dare step on the block!
    • Ropes are crafted with sticks and string, and allow the player to ride up and down granted that the rope is attached to a surface! They're useful when spelunking in caves or exploring structures.
    • New brick variants for GraniteDiorite and Andesite.
    • Limestone is a new variant of stone that forms in lakes, rivers and oceans! Limestone can be crafted into polished and brick variants.
    • Ice Bricks can be found within the rare Ice Dungeons found within the tundras and snowy taigas.
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The mod has a good idea and its very original (I think the best is the penguin structure) but the mobs speed are way too slow. Maybe change that. but for everything else its awesome