Better Survival

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This is my second mod on this website and im planning to improve and update it alot, so you can expect lots of updates! Now it only has a few new Items but im working on a lot more, so keep your eye out for updates!

Now it has:

  1. A few items that will help you get started in survival
  2. 2 new plants; Cotton and Reed
  3. New Tools and Armor

For full list of Items, open spoiler below:



Wooden Planks



Cotton Plant


Cotton Clothing

Boar (mob)

Raw Boar Meat

Cooked Boar Meat

Steel, Ore, Ingot, Armor and Tools


New Bricks

Fresh Clay

Fresh Brick

Colored Wood; Black, White, Pink, Purple, Green, Light Green, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow

Dirt Stone

Sandy Tools and Armor

Safe Block

Fresh Clay and Baked Clay Armor

Diamond, Emerald, Gold, ruby and Saphire Bricks

Ruby Gem

Saphire Gem

Ruby Ore

Saphire Ore

Christmas Armor

Jump Boots

Candy Cane

Candy Cane Block

5 Christmas Balls


Wasteland Biome

Jingle Bells Song

Reed Paper (For Books)

Trash Bin

I hope you enjoy it!

Update Info:

V 1.0.1 : Added 13 New Blocks, Added Reed, Added Steel Tools and Armor

V 1.0.2 : Added Sandy Tools and Armor, Added Safe Block

V 1.0.3 : Added new Bricks, added Ruby and Saphire

V 1.0.4 : Christmas Update! Added a whole lot of christmassie goodness!

V 1.0.5 : Bug Fixes, Added new recipes

V 1.0.6 : Major Bug fixes, Added New block; Trash Bin, Added a New Mob; Red Creeper

How to install?

  1. First, Make sure you have Forge installed
  2. Download the Mod
  3. Drag it into the mods folder (If you type %appdata% in your search bar you will get the location)
  4. Press Play!

-Warning this mod is still in beta so you can expect some bugs-

Modification files
better_survival_v_1.0.6.jar - V 1.0.6Uploaded on: 12/17/2016 - 22:26   File size: 2.64 MB
better_survival_v_1.0.5.jar - V 1.0.5Uploaded on: 12/09/2016 - 16:23   File size: 2.63 MB
better_survival_v_1.0.41.jar - Christmas Update! V 1.0.4Uploaded on: 12/08/2016 - 06:24   File size: 2.62 MB
better_survival_v_1.0.3.jar - V 1.0.3Uploaded on: 12/06/2016 - 15:47   File size: 420.72 KB

If you find any bugs or if you have ideas to improve the mod, leave a comment :)