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Hey! This is my Myriad Mod! This is my fist mod and i'm still deciding on a theme.You will find below. a list of stuff and more things. This mod has 85 elements and more every day! It is currently for 1.15.2 but once I switch to 1.16 this version will discontinue updates. Also I just lied because I am having a hard time at the moment and cannot update it.


Flint Ore - Found in hillsides, drops some flint

Night Light Block - Cannot Generate, drops some nightlight crystals

Ender Pearl Block - Drops 4 ender pearls, crafted with 4 ender pearls

Frost Wood - A set of light blue icy wood, crafted with logs + snowballs

Sulphur Ore - Generates in The deeps of the overworld. drops Sulphur crystals

Sulphur Block - A compressed form of sulphur.

Peat - Generates in swamps. Can be used as fuel

Choral Wood - Trees in the end! But not yet.

Golden Chain - Just a golden chain.

Stone Pillar - A pillar made of stone inspired by Minecraft Dungeons.


Night Light Crystals - Currently useless

Sulphur Crystals - Craft with coal to make gunpowder

Slaying Stick - Command-only. does 500 damage.

Prismite Tools - A set between Iron and diamond crafted from prismarine.


Everspeed Boots - Commands only. Gives super speed and your you cannot fall

Golden Mail - A show-offs set of golden chainmail. With 1.16 i will give it a smithing table recipe.


Prisoner - A rather powerful mob that spawns infrequently. Explodes upon death.

Illusioner- Inspired by minecraft dungeons, only later did I realize it already existed.


Note: The textures are awful. But I am trying to improve them.

If you find bugs or have suggestions, please tell me.

I think I might start work on an ocean dimension.

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Maybe try make better textures and some more things but for good start have upvote