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Welcome to Lifeblood, a mod that has been in and out of development for a long time. Originally, it was part of a bigger mod, but I decided to give it a branch of its own, and it has evolved since.

Now, let me tell you a great tale, one which has been forgotten over the years. Thousands of years ago, there was a race of tribes who inhabited the dense jungles of the Minecraft world. These tribes were great users of magic, particularly the regenerative side of it. They constructed temples, and a small number remain today. Why did they disappear, you may ask? They were driven to flee by the only other intelligent species at the time - the Endermen. They used the last of their magic to escape to a dimension, where not even the Endermen can teleport. However, eventually the Endermen broke into the dimension, and the tribes killed. However, many of their relics remain...

To get to this dimension, you must find a scroll. This scroll contains complete instructions on how to get to the dimension. You must find it.

There are 4 useful islands you should look out for:

- The Greater Totem Island - Contains a full size version of the Totem portal igniter. There are some goodies inside the island ;)

- The Lesser Totem Island - Same as above, but a smaller version with less goodies.

- The Emerald Island - A small island with a small heap of emerald ore.

- The Well Island - Not really a well, as it's only 1 block deep (2 if you count the valuable blocks underneath the water)

These rare treasures were not destroyed by the Endermen, as they have no concept of the rarity of substances outside their own dimension.

The Lifeblood Wand

There is a very useful, but hard to obtain, item called the "Lifeblood Wand". On right-click on various blocks, it can:

- Turn dirt into grass
- Turn cobblestone into the mossy variant
- Grow nether wart on soul sand
- Grow cacti on sand
- Grow more cacti on cacti
- Grow more sugar cane on sugar cane

Furthermore, if you have Chlorophydium Powder in your inventory, right clicking in the air will give you some instant health.

However, the life force used by the wand has to be drawn from somewhere, so upon giving life to plants, you will be damaged yourself

World Gen Additions

With this mod installed, every time you use bonemeal, there is a 25% chance that a block of Chlorophydium Ore will be placed underground from y10 to y30 around the centre point of the world (a 100 block radius from x0 z0, x100 z100 to x-100 z-100). Additionally, Lifestone now spawns in a belt between y50 and y60. This is slightly stronger than stone, and has a 1/100 chance of dropping the scroll when broken). Lifestone can also be crafted into bricks.

Chlorophydium Ore
- Does NOT spawn by default. 
- Glows slightly
- Requires stone pickaxe to mine
- Breaking the ore will yield 3 crystals, which are used to craft the life wand and the portal Totem.
- These crystals can be crafted into powder, which is used to give regeneration with the Lifeblood wand, and can be crafted into a regenerative potion.
- The crystals can also be crafted into glass (which glows slightly and is a bit stronger than ordinary glass)

Alternatively, you can already find Compressed Chlorophydium deep underground (y5-15), but it requires a diamond pickaxe to mine. It is almost as strong as obsidian, but not quite. Breaking it will drop 3 crystals and a block of obsidian. Another alternative way to obtain Chlorophydium  is to mine Lifestone, as it has a rare chance to drop Chlorophydium powder.

To sum up:

- Use bonemeal to bless the world with Chlorophydium ore
- Harvest the ore (To craft the portal lighter, lifeblood wand, potion etc)
- Find the ancient scroll (1/100 drop from Lifestone)
- Craft the Totem (portal lighter) with materials & Chlorophydium Crystals
- Light the portal and explore the dimension, obtain useful resources

Just ask below for recipes, as embedding images doesn't seem to be working.

Known bugs: 

- Not totally sure, but I think bedrock spawns at the bottom of the dimension (seems to be only after exporting - will look into it) Fixed in 1.2

- Compressed Chlorophydium has gravity (what the heck?) Fixed in 1.1

Modification files
Lifeblood V1.0.jar - V1.01.29 MB
Lifeblood V1.1.jar - V1.1 Fixes an issue where Compressed Chlorophydium has gravity (for some reason :P )1.29 MB
Lifeblood V1.2.jar - V1.2 Stops bedrock from spawning at the bottom of the Sky Jungle (yay!)1.29 MB

Release Version 1.2

- Bedrock no longer spawns in the Sky Jungle

Congrats on MOTW!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also your mod is great. I really like it and I see a lot of potential in it too. Since it's already so good I expect it to get even better later on. Since you know... it's really good... and so, Kumpai to you too my fellow mod maker.
(Kumpai means cheers in minionese from despicable me)

Man, your mod is amazing, But i have a question, Do you have the Chloropodium Crystal Texure, Because i love it and i want to use it for my background of my pc or as something cool for a texure pack? Btw the Jungle dimension Is very cool!

Hey could you do tutorials on youtube on how to make advanced mods like this. For very long time i wanted to do like cool dimenson like this one in life blood (even before life blood)