Nether Update Plus

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In development
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Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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the mod expands the Nether Biome with many new mobs that also have a suitable texture to have biom z.b Warped Fox Crimson Hoglin Soul Sand Pig
or Basalt Hoglin and more if you wish or have ideas write them in the comments and good luck in surviving

Warped Fox
-spawn in Warped Forest
-is passive

Crimson Hoglin
-spawn in Crimson Forest
-is aggressive

Soul Sand Pig
-spawn in Soul Sand Vally
-is passive

Modification files
Nether Update Pus 1.16.4.jar - Nether Update Plus for 1.16.4166.49 KB

Good mod but the warped chicken's model and texture are bad

nice mod, mix the soul sand pig texture, and improve the warped chicken texture