Mini adventure mod

Published by NightWake on Sun, 01/10/2021 - 14:13
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This mod add:





-Weapons and armor



-Secret weapon

-And other...

If you find an error, write below.

Actual version: 2.2

What changed in 2.2:

-Changed candy block texture
-Changed the textures of many items
-Added candy bricks
- Item rebalance:
Developer Sword Damage Reduction
Developer sword drop chance reduced
Armor Reduction
Reducing the durability parameter of tools and armor
Changed how the anti-gravity staff works
-Increase the life level of the candy golem (20->40)
-Reduced life level of shadow fighter (100->20)
-Shadow fighter is now immune to fall damage
-Change the spawn of entities in the dark dimension
-Decreased level of bonuses from sugar bone
-Changed the height and amount of ore
-Changed the level of bonuses from angels
-Changed the way to get bonuses from armor


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