Wands and Worlds II Beta (Feedback Welcome)

Published by Arackulele on Sun, 01/24/2021 - 14:57
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Wands and Worlds is a mod that adds an entirely new way to fight your enemies!Magic
There are currently 14 Different Wands that all have unique spells and attacks!There is basic ones based on Magium and more complex Wands based on Mana ,some defensive and some offensive.).There is a whole new Dimension with new Mobs that you can fight,new Ores,2 new types of Trees and 4 different biomes to explore!Fight the Necromanceer boss with 2 different phases too
Magium Based Wands:
-Magium Wand:
A simple Wand with decent Damage and Knockback
-Blazing Wand:
Ignited with Fire,sets Mobs on Fire for a few seconds,slightly lower Damage than the Magium Wand and less Knockback
-Electron Wand:
Crafted with a Nether Star,it is a very expensive Wand and isnt very durable,it does decent damage and no knockback,a lightning will summon at the place shot

-Staff of Sorcery
The Ultimate Magium Based Wand,Strengthens you when casting Spells,strikes 3 lightning Bolts wherever the Spell hits and Deals a ton of Damage.

Mana Based Wands:
-Powered Wand
Acting mainly as a Base for more powerful Wands it is pretty weak,dealing no Damage.It blinds and weakens the enemy for a few seconds
-Wand o` Flora
A powerful Staff used for healing,everytime an entity is hit you gain a  regeneration effect.THe wand only deals Damage against undead Mobs , but that Damage is massive!
-protector Wand
A defensive Wand that protects you from most Damage,but slows you down for a while.No offensive capability
-Ancient Staff
A completed version of the powered staff,instead of weakening the enemy it poisons them,damage and knockback both increase

-Staff of the Druids
The Ultimate Mana Based Wand.Grows plants where the Spell hits and applies mutiple negative effects to the target hit.

Darkness Based Wands:
-Darkness Wand
A Wand made of pure Darkness,does good Damage and explodes wherever the spell hits.
-Staff of Time
A Staff that can control time itself,makes time go faster while casting spells
-Withering Wand
A Wand designed to suck out the life out of Mobs,does grand damage and Withers the enemy
-Staff of Necromancy
One of the most powerful Wands,uncraftable and only owned by the Arch-Necromancer.Anyone who gets their Hands on this has  alot of Power.

-Cepter of the Dark
The Ultimate Darkness Based Wand,Causes a giant explosion wherever your spell hits,deals massive Damage and allows you to gain the hearts taken from your enemy.Also applies a long Withering effect to the target,slowly chipping at their Health.

--For recipes use JEI(Just enough Items)--

Feedback and Ideas appreciated

Modification files
wandsandworldsbeta2.jar - Latest VersionUploaded on: 01/26/2021 - 19:43   File size: 538.33 KB
WandsandWorldsAlpha3.jar - Last AlphaUploaded on: 01/25/2021 - 20:21   File size: 468.49 KB
  • Alpha 1.0:

-Added Magium
-Added Manifest Rock and Ores
-Added a new Dimension with 3 Biomes
Magical Forest
Darkened Plains
and Snowlands
-Added 3 new Mobs
-Added 2 new Structures
-Added 5 new Wands

  • Alpha 1.1:

-Fixed a Bug where some Spells didnt work correctly when mages used them
-Updated Blazing Wand Textures
-Nerfed Powered Wand
-Added 2 Wands:
-Protector Wand
-Ancient Staff
Additional Notes:All of the basic Mana wands are now added,i will move on to darkness Core Wands next.

  • Alpha 2.0:

-Added a Boss with 2 Different phases(Arch-Necromancer)
-Phase 1:180 Health,shoots exploding projectiles,flies,Immune to direct attack,Blinds you when hit
-Phase 2:130 Health,shoots withering projectiles,flies,poisons you when hit,sometimes spawns necro-zombies
---Boss can only be spawned in via spawn egg right now,spawning methood will be added later---
-Added 3 new Wands
-Darkness Wand
-Staff of time
-Withering Wand
-Added new Materials and recipes
-Added Trees in Snowlands Biome

-Moved from 1.15.2 to 1.16.4

  • Alpha 3.0

-Added a new Biome,the Mountanous Forests
-Added a new Wood type,Mysterious Wood
-Added a Tree type,Mysterious Tree
-Added a new Structure,the Necromancers Altar witha a new Block(thanks @Cevin_2006 for the Model!!!)that summons the Arch-Necromancer
The structure spawns very rarely in the Darkened Plains
-Added a new Wand,the Necromancers Staff,it is a Stron ger Version of the Darkness Staff,basically(Only droped by the Arch-Necromancer)
-Made the Snowy Castle Structure spawn way more rarely
-Various tweaks and fixes to enemy AI and Wands

  • Beta 1

-Added 3 new items
-Soul Orb(Unstackable,randomly found in magic dungeon chests)
-Mana Gem(Unstackable,rarely dropped by Freezing Mages)
-Sorcerers Platinum(Can be mined from Manifest Platinum)
-Added a new Ore,Manifest Platinum(Super rare Ore found deep in the Magical plains,used to craft the ultimate Wands)
-Added 3 new Wands
-Staff of Sorcery
-Staff of the Druids
-Cepter of the Dark
-remade the Magic Dungeon chest loot Table
-Fixed various Bugs
-Made Freezing Mages drop Snow,ice and rarely Mana Crystals
-Fixed some of the Mysterious Trees Textures

  • Beta 2

-Added 14 new Advancements
-Adjusted Item drops
-Fixed various glitches with the aggression of different Mobs
-Fixed a Bug where lightning from electron wand would hit the player instead of where you are shooting

thanks for 15 downloads,its not much but it means a lot to me :)
Most of the things(except adnancementss) are here now so only bug fixing is left.After the full release i will take a break from this mod to develop another one but i will make an alchemy expansion soon

I would also appreciate it if you upvote the mod if you like it,its taking me a long time to make