Don't Eat too Much!

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Welcome to the Alpha version of

Don't Eat too Much!

A mod about making unhealthy food, eating too much of it, and suffering the consequenses.

This mod adds:

Oreos (with a Double Stuff varient) as of version alpha 1.2

Big Cakes

Cupcakes! (as of the latest version, 1.4)

Balloons! (as of alpha version 1.4)

Gingerbread, with a door and two varients (stairs, too!) as of version alpha 1.2

A Fatness Mechanic

A Brand-New Exercise Mechanic in Alpha 1.3

Commands to Clear and Increase Fatness (As of Alpha 1.2)

Seven Achievements! (As of Alpha 1.4)

A new "Witch's Forest" biome

A Gingerbread House structure made of food. A sinister secret hides within. (As of Alpha 1.2)

More on the way!


Oreos are the first thing you'll make in this mod. (Probably.) Oreos are made of two Oreo Cookies and one Cremè Filling in the middle. They increase the 'Fatness' meter by one when eaten. You can make an Oreo block with nine Oreos, when placed, you can right-click the Oreo block to "eat" it, increasing fatness by 4-6.


Big Cakes! Really, no one should make these. Requiring 3 cakes, an egg, a bucket of milk (the bucket gets put in the cake too), wheat, and 3 Cremè Fillings, it's a waste of resources for a food that behaves the same as an Oreo Block. The good side, however, is the amount of saturation it gives you. You won't get hungry for quite a while after eating this.


Ah, yes. What this mod is all about. Getting fat. Firstly, eat one of the items listed above. This will increase a hidden variable called 'fatness' by a different amount per unhealthy food consumed. When the fatness meter reaches a mark, such as 10, a message will be posted to chat, i.e. "This is delicious." When the message appears,  the consequences will be delivered. From something as simple as Slowness I to Slowness V, Nausea V, Bad Luck V, and vomiting all over the place, the Fatness system will deliver some more excitement to your game.


The Witch's Forest! Rather strangely, witches don't naturally generate here. Maybe it's named after them for another reason... they're houses. GIngerbread Houses.


Gingerbread Houses! These dwellings of witches were made to lure innocint villagers, so the witches could eat them. Eat the house down and free the villagers, before they are smelted!


In Alpha 1.3, this system has fundamentally changed. Now you have to craft a Workout Mat (see Second Disclaimer). Right-click it to open it's GUI. You can do pushups, sit-ups, or jumping jacks. Each workout removes a certain amount of fatness, but also increases "exhaustion" by a certain amount. Once your exhaustion hits a certain level, you can't exercise any more until you sleep. Sit-ups and jumping jacks, while decreasing fatness by far more than pushups, also give you hunger for a short amount of time.


As a new feature in Alpha 1.4, you can now craft balloons with a pufferfish, some string, and some red/blue/light-blue wool. Balloons rise at a rate of about once every two seconds, though Blue Balloons and Purple Balloons rise faster than Normal Balloons. If a Blue Balloon flies into a Normal Balloon, it will turn into a Purple Balloon.


Another new food item, made for virtual parties! Cupcakes can be crafted with sugar, two wheat, and paper for a wrapper. You can then craft a simple cupcake into a Frosted Cupcake by putting Oreo Creme on top of it. The Frosted Cupcake can, using the corrosponding dyes, be crafted into a Purple Frosted Cupcake, a Red Frosted Cupcake, a Green Frosted Cupcake, an Orange Frosted Cupcake, a Cupcake with Brown Frosting, and a Light-Blue Frosted Cupcake.

Disclaimer: This mod is not intended for Multiplayer, and it was not tested in Multiplayer. Averse side-effects may occur when playing with friends in this mod.

Second Disclaimer: It may be hard to figure out some recipes without the help of JEI/NEI or Quark’s recipe unlock feature. Please download one of those mods to enhance your playing (and barfing) experience.

Third Disclaimer: This mod is in Alpha. It may not work well, crash, or be buggy. Please report ANY issues in the linked forum.

Modification files
v1.1.jar - The second Alpha version. Added community requested features, balance improvements, and more achievements.Uploaded on: 01/27/2021 - 13:49   File size: 82.51 KB
v1.2: The Gingerbread Update.jar - The first major update. See changelog for features.Uploaded on: 01/31/2021 - 17:45   File size: 152.42 KB
v1.3: The Exercise Update.jar - The second major update. See changelog for features.Uploaded on: 02/11/2021 - 21:52   File size: 182.02 KB
Version 1.4: The Celebration Update!.jar - The third major update. Adds Balloons and Cupcakes!Uploaded on: 03/21/2021 - 17:36   File size: 240.53 KB

-Alpha 1.0: Everything you saw on the mod page.

-Alpha 1.1: Balance Improvements. Adds a reason to eat the foods (extremely high saturation) and fixes a few bugs. Adds 4 more achievements!

-Alpha 1.2: The Gingerbread Update!

  • Added Gingerbread Houses to the Witch's Forest biome.
  • Added Candied Gingerbread and Iced Gingerbread, each with a Stair varient.
  • Added Gingerbread Doors.
  • Added crafting recipes for all blocks except for Candied Gingerbread.
  • Added Double Stuff Oreos.
  • Added new commands.
  • Fixed bugs.

-Alpha 1.3: The Exercise Update!

  • Removed the old "sprinting = less fat" system.
  • Removed a buggy achievement.
  • Added Workout Mats.
  • Added a new exercise system involving Workout Mats.
  • Added a new achievement.

-Alpha 1.4: The Celebration Update!

  • Added three types of Balloons.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Added Cupcakes.
  • Added an achievement.

DON'T EAT TO MUCH!!!, or you get fat by eating candy, oreos and cakes and more

Good mod :)
I think the fatness variable would make you suffer hunger less often at lower values (by giving you saturation maybe; the bad effects would still only come once the mark is reached) so the player is challenged to moderate their diet without completely refusing the foods added by the mod

I'm nearly done with the Balance Improvements update, including your suggestion! Sadly I can only figure out how to make saturation lower less often, but the food items (and the blocks) now give a high enough amount of saturation that it would be useful to eat them. Also, as a little bonus, there are now six achievements. Thanks for your suggestion, and have a nice day! (: