Published by Dirfoxpyt on Mon, 01/25/2021 - 21:48
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod is to revive the dinosaurs to life in Minecraft, this mod carries these following items




-Jurassic Park clothing


-Jeep 1997 Jurassic Park


-Baston by John Hammond








It also has 17 species of dinosaurs and some with mounts.








-Tyrannosaurus Rex






























Modification files
Prehistoricmine 1.0.2.jar - -News New mosasaurus swim Bug fix in the incubator (only dodos eggs came out) New dimension "Prehistory"2.37 MB

-NOVELTIES -Craft to Jurassic Park clothing -Resolution of errors in the fossil table and incubator -Fossil armor -Amber tools -New mineral (amber) -Dinosaur nest (no use for now) -New machines (PermaFrost Defroster and Ambar Table) -Redesign of some entities (Gallinimus, Carnotaurus and Jeep from Jurassic Park) -New fossils (young and old) -New cages -A spinosaurus breeds -New blocks (amber block and reinforced glass block) -Tyrannosaurus rex fossil to decorate -New way to tame Dinosaurs ° New Species ° Baryonyx Allosaurus (can be tamed) Diplodocus (can be mounted) Mammoth Smilodon (can be tamed as an ocelot) Plesiosaurus ° Structures ° -Permafrost frozen from Mammoth and Smilodon -Jeep I use Dennis Neddry with the bottle of barbasol

ah yes barney my favorite prehistoric animal
but in all seriousness, this looks like a good mod, textures and models are nice.