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This is a mod all about cleaning Vanilla Minecraft's mistakes and creating new features! Currently, the mod is still in development so everything seen in this version is subject to change! I will add more stuff soon, in the near future, My goal/plan is to add over 100 features, currently, there's not that many... but still plenty of stuff to play around and have fun with! As always, credit and thanks to MCreator for making this mod possible!

Check out Curseforge page here! Link:


+ = addition

- = removed feature

* = fixed feature




+Soul Beads! This is a powerful item that allows you to change the overworld to the nether with a simple right click! Well, multiple right clicks, you can only change one block at a time! Durability will be fixed in a later version if it doesn't work now. Crafted with four (4) Soul Soil surrounding Soul Sand! 

+Cheese! Either gives you Luck, or bad Luck! Crafted by putting Milk in a Furnace or Smoker! Cheesy!

+Renaming Table! Allows you to rename any Minecraft or modded item without the italic font, you don't even have a limit to what you can name items! Crafted with two Iron Ingots and two Gold Ingots right on above those Iron Ingots! You can rename an item to have infinite letters! Finally!

+Sand Paths! Darker Sand that is not affected by gravity! Use a shovel on sand to get Sand Paths! You can always use a hoe to revert it back to normal sand! There's even Red Sand Paths! The variety!

+Brushes! Archeology! Sort of! Brushes can be used by right clicking on sand or red sand, you'll either get a Bone, or a Poisonous Potato! Wouldn't recommend eating the Poisonous Potato, or the Bone for that matter! Brushes are crafted with a stick, a feather above that stick, and two strings on both sides of the feather!

+Hay! Minus the bale! Use shears on Hay Bales to remove the straps! Don't worry, you can always get your Hay Bale back by collecting the straps from the hay bale and right clicking on the hay bale with the straps in your hand!

+Gold Bars! Like Iron Bars but shinier! Crafted the same way you craft Iron Bars but with Gold Ingots!


*Cake now plays a burping sound when eaten, Bedrock Parody!

*A cactus will now deal slight damage to you if you try to break it! Even potted ones! Kind of like what they were planning to do in the Alpha days of Minecraft! The nostalgia!

That's it for now, check back soon for more updates!


1.0.1 (Why did it take so long for this update?! It was only created 3 minutes after the creator realized he forgot to put the description on the mod under configuration!)

+Added mod description on mod configuration screen!





- Added Lush! A new type of grass with the grass block texture on all sides! Will most likely generate in Lush Caves in the Caves and Cliffs update! Crafted with 4 grass blocks in a crafting table! You get 4 lush from that! Can be made into Farmland by using a hoe on it!

- Added Lush Paths! Made from using a shovel on Lush! Nice! Can be made into Farmland by using a hoe on it!

- Added Roses! They are old flowers that were replaced with Poppies! Now they are back! Can be crafted into 2 Red Dye!


- Drinking drinks now has a chance of playing the burping sound! BUUURRP!!!


- Fixed cake playing the burp sound when shift-right clicking to place another block on top of it!


That's it! I hope you're all excited for 1.3.0 coming out some time soon!



1.3.0 (Yes it's here, but 2 new features are added!)



- Added Prehistoric Rubble! Generates in a new structure found in the nether! YES!

- Added Ancient Tears! Made up of Prehistoric Rubble, and of course... 3 ANCIENT DEBRIS!!! (Something special!) Found in the nether!


- Fixed some sounds not playing!


Look forward to 1.4.0! Needed to get this update out to fix crashes so there aren't many new features! Be aware that there will more than likely be more in version 1.4.0 when it comes out!



1.4.0 (The long-awaited update is finally here! Adding a ton of features, 16 and counting! The new update name feature has also been added and the update name is: Big World Update!)



- Added Sinstealers! They look like retextured silverfish for now, but will be changed later! They also don't spawn naturally yet!

- Added the Forgone Lands! New overworld biome with new wood!

- Added Crarped wood! Only comes with planks and log! This wood is a mixture between Crimson and Warped wood! Can't be used to craft anything beyond planks! That's what makes it unique!

- Added Forgone Lands portals! These are like broken nether portals from 1.16 update but these ones were eaten away by the crarped wood as food!

- Added Baguettes! Extra long bread! You eat a little bit of one at a time! Crafted with 3 bread diagonally in the crafting grid!

- Added Cheesy Bread! Ever wanted a way to enjoy a deliciously cheesy snack without getting the Luck or Unluck effects? Now you can! Crafted with one cheese and one bread!

- Added Locks and Keys! Locks are blocks that can block anything! They can be unlocked with keys! Locks are crafted with 6 cobblestone on the top and bottom of the crafting grid, 2 iron nuggets, and one gold nugget in the middle! Keys can be crafted with 3 gold ingots!

- Added Enderite! Like netherite but EVEN STRONGER!!! Found in the end! Can be made into tools, weapons, and armor the same way you upgrade diamond stuff with a Smithing Table! Craft Enderite Ingots with 4 iron ingots and 5 Enderite scraps! How do you get Enderite scraps? Mine Enderite and smelt it in a furnace of your choice! Either a normal Furnace or a Blast Furnace! It even has a cool new block! Crafted with 9 Enderite Ingots! You can only mine Enderite with Netherite! Upgrade gold stuff with Enderite today!

- Added Glow Rocks! They come in Yellow, Blue, and Red! They can be found DEEP underground!

- Added Chiseled Purpur! Can be found in End Cities replacing some of the normal Purpur Blocks! Crafted with 4 Purpur blocks in a square shape!

- Added Moonstone! Found in the End! Like an ore! Drops 2 Moonstone Chunks which can be made into a block again! To craft the block, use 9 in the crafting grid! It also crafts something very special!

- Added Levitation Orbs! This is that special thing! ^ Anyways, they allow you to levitate as if you were hit by a shulker bullet! Except you don't take damage, can't levitate as high, and you can actually use it anywhere, but be careful, it's not THAT durable! It only has a durability of 6!

- Added End Lanterns! A nice purple Paper Lantern! Made with 6 Popped Chorus fruit! 3 on each side, 2 sticks 1 one the top and 1 on the bottom, and one torch in the middle, or you know, you could find one in the end yourself instead of crafting one!

- Added Purpur Walls! Just for a final new block for this update! Also can be used for decoration! Crafted with 6 Purpur Blocks!

- Added Purpur Lanterns! They are a structure and not a block. But they are using Purpur Walls and End Lanterns!

- Added new advancements! There will be more in the future, for now, advancements only cover some of the mod’s end related stuff!


- Fixed some blocks and items from previous updates not having a crafting recipe! This mod is supposed to be survival friendly too!

- Fixed some issues with some blocks not rendering properly!


That's all for this update! Look forward to 1.5.0 coming very soon! It won't be that big but will still be pretty exciting!



1.4.1 (Speaking of survival friendly in the previous update changelog, forgot to add a recipe for Purpur Walls!)



- Fixed Purpur Walls not having a crafting recipe!


Again that's all for this update! Look forward to 1.5.0 coming very soon! It won't be that big but will still be pretty exciting!



1.4.2 (This patch fixes 3 bugs!)



- Fixed Enderite Hoes not making Lush into farmland!

- Fixed Enderite Shovels not making Lush into Lush Paths!

- Fixed the mod desription under the mod configuration menu not having correct grammar.


Hope you're all excited for 1.5.0!



1.4.3 (Really the last 1.4 sub-patch!)



- Updated the texture for Enderite ingots! They now look unique like Netherite ingots and the upcoming Copper ingots from the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update!

- End Lanterns now make Beacon Beams slightly darker! Kind of like what glass does!

Hope you're all excited for 1.5.0! It will be a big one! Well, somewhat big!




1.5.0: Utility Update (Now this is an update! Pretty big! Note: some features in this update may be buggy!)



- Added Pirate Ships! These are still floating on the 7 seas!

- Added Pirates! These guys are still using placeholder textures and sounds but will be updated a little bit in a later version! They have a chance to drop a new item!

- Added Eyepatches! That's what Pirates have a chance of dropping! Wearable! Cannot be crafted, which makes it fun to find Pirate Ships!

- Added Soul Berries and their Plants! You can grow the plant from Soul Sand and/or Soul Soil! Pick them like you do with Sweet Berries! Grow berries on a bush again using Bone Meal!

- Added Hanging Nether Wart and Warped Wart! Does not generate yet! Craftable, though! Craft them with 2 nether wart or warped wart blocks on top of each other! They will generate soon to add more life and atmosphere to the nether! Fun fact: Inspired by Flames of the Nether DLC on Minecraft: Dungeons!

- Added Monstones! New mob! It's model is a bit buggy at the moment! Will be fixed soon! Can be found in dungeons throughout your world! (Cobblestone boxes!)

- Added Ender Dragon Relics! Obtained by defeating the Ender Dragon! Can be found in your inventory when defeating the Ender Dragon! You can place them in your world to show off that you defeated the Ender Dragon! When you stand on it, you regenerate your health! It's a reward for EVERYONE when they defeat the Ender Dragon because it was very annoying on public servers when someone defeated the Ender Dragon and got the Dragon Egg before you! Now you get at least something even if someone already defeated the Ender Dragon and you're respawning it again to fight it for yourself!

- Added Trash Cans! Crafted with 3 iron blocks on the top of the crafting grid, and 5 on the bottom leaving one empty slot in the middle! Put an item in the slot and then click the "Empty" button! WARNING! Do NOT get rid of ANYTHING you don't want to get rid of, because once it's gone, it's gone!

- Added Bushes! Just the sweet berry bush texture but made to actually match the color of Leaves in a biome! Can be found throughout your world! Mainly in plains and Forest biomes but can be picked up with a Hoe and moved anywhere you would like!

- Added Chorus Spikes! You can find these in the end in groups of 1-4! They hurt to step on and also give you the levitation effect! You CAN in fact grow them into Chorus Plants and Flowers, as long as there aren't any obstructions! That means you can't have a block other than end stone underneath it otherwise it can't grow! This also means you can't have a block above it! You can pick it up and move it! You can also craft them with one end stone on the bottom of the crafting grid, one Chorus Fruit in the middle, and one Popped Chorus Fruit on the top!


Bookshelves now have a chance to place the newly added variant with 2 purple books instead of some of the red ones!


- Fixed Purpur Lantern structure generating slightly in the ground of the end!

Hope you're all excited for 1.6.0! It will be a bit smaller but still fun!



1.6.0: Exploration Update (Now this is a great one! Somewhat big! Fixed some bugs from previous updates!)



- Added End Huts! Found in the end on big end islands! Has same loot as End Cities on the inside!

- Added Multi-Tool! Creative only tool for helping builders with maps! Has all advantages of other tools!

- Added Chorus! Quite literally! Yeah not really, but anyways, Chorus can be found in a small blocky shape floating around the small end islands! They drop their shell! The shell can be used to craft something special!

- Added Chorus Shell! Just used to craft a block!

- Added Encased Chorus! Used to trap entities! Be careful! You can get trapped in it too! But you can sneak to avoid being trapped! Crafted with 9 Chorus Shells!

- Added Squirrels! Yes you heard me, squirrels! Can currently be bred using Cheese and probably remain that way! Squirrels also hate Encased Chorus and will stomp on any Encased Chorus blocks to break them, it does take a little while though!

- Added Treasure Boxes! Can be found buried around the overworld! They give you some cool loot for finding them! They will not be exposed to caves meaning they found be found right there, you actually have to mine to find them! They are found in the deep depths of the world!

- Added Bombs! They are basically TNT that you can throw and don't need any ignition! They have half of the explosion damage of normal TNT! Crafted with 5 iron ingots in the shape of the minecart crafting recipe, gunpowder in the middle, and string above that gunpowder!

- Added Blue Nether Bricks! Like red nether bricks but blue! Another building option! Crafted like red nether bricks but instead of it being crafted with Nether Wart, it's actually crafted with Warped Wart Blocks!

- Added Bottles of Soul Sand! They can be obtained by using a bottle on Soul Sand! This is an item used in the new crafting recipe for Soul Beads!


- Soul Bead recipe has been changed! Now you need one Bottle of Soul Sand in the middle, one block of soul sand on each side of the bottle of soul sand, and one block of soul soil above and below the Soul Sand Bottle!

- Monstones now spawn in the Forgone Lands biome instead of dungeons!

- Improved the Renaming Table texture!


- Fixed Pirates and Monstones not attacking the player!

- Fixed Moonstone not generating in the End! Remember, you have to dig to find it, it's not exposed to the surface!

1.7.0 will be out soon! Hope you're all excited for it!



1.7.0: Table of Content Update (This update is pretty good, but it mostly focuses on improving existing features! There are still a few new features!)



- Added Rubies! They currently only make their block, but they will have more of a usage later in development! Can be found in groups of 4 in caves! Can be crafted into a block by combining 9 rubies in a crafting table! Ruby Ore can be found below y=64!

- Added a new painting type! It's one of the smallest paintings! If you want to find it, keep switching paintings! It only takes up one block!

- Added Crarped Hyphae! Like normal Crarped Stems but with the side texture on all sides!

- Added Crarped Chips! Basically vertical Crarped Planks but it has a different texture! They can be crafted into stairs and slabs!

- Added Marble! It can be found in caves in groups below y=60 and you can obtain it by mining it with a pickaxe!

- Added Cobbled Marble! It is obtained by mining normal Marble! Don't worry, you can get normal Marble! Just smelt Cobbled Marble in a furnace and you will get normal Marble!

- Added Granite, Diorite, and Andesite Bricks! They can be crafted using 4 of the respective sub-stone type in the crafting grid! Remember, they have to be polished!

- Added Fallen Trees! They can be found in forests! Unfortunately when you find them, they are obviously on the ground! They can even be found covered in vines!


- Roses can now be planted in flower pots!

- Bombs now appear lit when thrown!

- Chorus spikes now create bubble particles!


- Fixed Blocks not having correct explosion resistance and hardness!

Hope you enjoy this update and please be ready for the next update as it will have plenty more than this one did!



1.7.1 (This fixes a very important gameplay bug!)



- Fixed Chorus Spikes barely giving you levitation!

Hope you're all still excited for the next update 1.8.0, it will be pretty large! Probably mostly adding more functionality to Rubies!



1.8.0: Heals and Deals Update (Yeah, well I thought this one would have more in it, but the reason it only has two new features is because I wanted to get a usage for rubies out as soon as possible!)



- Added Healing Stations! You craft them with two ruby blocks on the top left and right slots of the crafting grid, 5 moonstone in the shape of a minecart crafting recipe at the bottom and middle left and right, and a ruby in the middle! Place a ruby into a Healing Station and right click again to heal yourself! Note that the rubies you put into the Healing Station are only good once! So it disappears once you use it!

- Added Icicles! These are very good for decoration purposes! These can be crafted with two ice blocks on top of each other in the crafting grid! You can in fact find them naturally! Just look in caves that are in cold or frozen biomes and you should find an icicle or two! You can break the block above them and they actually fall to the ground and break, kind of like pointed dripstones from the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update except not deadly! Icicles even drip water when they are not in cold biomes, for example, if they're placed in a plains biome or desert biome!

Hope you all are looking forward to 1.9.0!



1.9.0: Natural Encounters Update (This is a somewhat HUGE update! Hope you enjoy it!)



- Added the Kelp Leaf! It's a little leaf made of kelp, not found in oceans yet but will be found soon! Can be grown into adult kelp!

- Added Submerged! These are like drowned zombies, but these are actually drowned skeletons!

- Added Vultures! These pesky birds/creatures will pick up any items left behind, so watch out! Can be found spawning in the badlands Biome!

- Added Lightning Machines! These machines are powerful enough to summon lightning at any time! You just have to charge it to use it! You charge it using coal, you use it using a stick! You can craft these using 8 chiseled stone bricks surrounding any type of coal!

- Added Polished Basalt Bricks! Decorative! Crafted with 4 polished basalt! Can be crafted using a stonecutter too! Also has rotation!

- Added Lapis Lazuli Bricks! Crafted from 4 blocks of lapis! Can be crafted using a stonecutter too!

- Added Cut Sandstone Bricks! Crafted with 4 cut sandstone! Can be crafted using a stonecutter too!

- Added Cut Red Sandstone Bricks! Crafted with 4 cut red sandstone! Can be crafted using a stonecutter too!

- Added Glass stairs and Slabs! Can be crafted with glass in the respective shape! Can also be crafted using a stonecutter!

- Added more advancements!

- Added Nether and Warped Fungus Wart! Just used in nether trees along with the hanging wart! Both of these now generate in nether trees!

- Added Backpacks! They can be worn by you and used for storage! How cool is that? Can be crafted from two string on the top sides, one gold nugget in the middle top, chest in the middle, and the rest is leather!

- Added a new dimension, the Terrace! So far, there is only one biome found in this dimension! That is the steamy garden! You need to make the portal frame out of lush, kind of like how you use obsidian for a nether portal! You need a new item called vegetation solution to light the portal! For the vegetation solution, you put 3 glass on each side, 2 grass blocks on the top and bottom middle slots, and one grass plant in the middle!

- Added the steamy garden biome! Found exclusively in the Terrace dimension! Containing new blocks and items!

- Added Ryegrass, found in the Terrace dimension!

- Added Ryedirt, also found in the Terrace dimension!

- Added Grassy Dirt! Found in little patches in the Terrace dimension!

- Added Thriving vines! Found in the Terrace dimension hanging from the ceiling!

- Added Pink Blossoms! Found in the Terrace dimension also hanging from the ceiling!

- Added Pink Blossom Petals! Can be obtained from breaking pink blossoms with a wooden hoe or better! Hit a mob with it to temporarily slow them down!

- Added Torch Holders! Can be used to hold torches! Nice little stand for torches! Can be crafted with 7 stripped oak logs in an i shape! Redstone torches even appear off in them when powered by other sources of redstone!

- Added Pollen! Found in piles in the new Terrace dimension!

- Added Leaf particles! Found in the Terrace and may soon have a way to be created from a block!

- Added Sprouts! New plants found in the Terrace!

- Added Tall Crimson and Warped Roots! Found in the nether!


- All Steve's Improvements stone related blocks are now compatible with the stonecutter!

- All Steve's Improvements block hitboxes now match their shape!


- Fixed ice caves not generating!

- Fixed some advancements not showing when completed!

This was a VERY long changelog! Hope you all enjoy this huge update, and please, look forward to 1.10.0!

Modification files
StevesImprovements1.7.0-1.16.4_0.jar - Version 1.7.0 (Table of Content Update)Uploaded on: 03/13/2021 - 16:53   File size: 1.36 MB
StevesImprovements1.7.1-1.16.4.jar - Version 1.7.1Uploaded on: 03/13/2021 - 17:26   File size: 1.36 MB
StevesImprovements1.8.0-1.16.4.jar - Version 1.8.0 (Heals and Deals Update)Uploaded on: 03/15/2021 - 17:13   File size: 1.44 MB
StevesImprovements1.9.0-1.16.5.jar - Version 1.9.0 (Natural Encounters Update)Uploaded on: 03/28/2021 - 15:50   File size: 1.91 MB

Looking for mod update changelog? Check the description of the mod!

I plan on adding more usage of Crarped wood because the log is only used to make it's planks, so the next update 1.7.0 will add more things to craft with it like fences, stairs, slabs, etc.