Diamond Spawns

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Have you ever wanted to download a mod that brings you unique mobs and minerals in your minecraft world? well, you're in luck!

In this mod we add several things that will make your survival come alive!

in first place many new mobs that can spawn in your world!
And new ores! and several new foods you can eat!

download this mod now and play your survival world!

the end of everything is drawing near................


Modification files
Diamond Spawns [Another update..].jar - Another update!?Uploaded on: 03/11/2021 - 00:15   File size: 1.1 MB

Added Extra Things and a model change


[V.2.6.0] Added: Rare egg, Rare egg crafting, and Moa bird


[New ore texture] New ore texture and a new mob! like the moa


[V.3.2.0] Added: Bosses, More mobs, And a new mineral, new sword textures


[V.3.3.0]Added: Big yeti boss [is bug] new final boss [1000 HP!] and a new sword


[V.3.4.0]Added: Ent and inframunder mob / Fixed Big yeti boss / Changed Cyclop eye texture / Added: Aberration coal, and aberration coal ore / Added: Pink fish / Added: New biome: Giga mountains

this mod is looking better than before
but if the ore textures are updated you should replace the current ores image with an image of those, because the old ones are really bad and make the mod look very not good