Medieval weapons

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Medieval weapons.The mod adds medieval weapons such as a sword, dagger, mace, etc. This mod uses 3d models. There is also a sharpening of things with an increase in their damage. For sharpening, a blacksmith's table is used, as well as a whetstone. There is a bow and if you hit the mob, there is a chance that the arrow will not break and fall out. Added: A workbench, a blacksmith with an anvil, a recipe book. Menu of skills, character level, skill points, level of melee and long-range weapons. There are perks for each skill. I ask those who download this modification and will play with it, write about the errors if you find them.

An iron armor set with 3 models has been added so far without a prescription

If you have any ideas for the perks or do you have any other idea please contact

this is a really good mod, the models are great and i like the skill mechanic, great job on this.