Villagers and Monsters Legacy

Published by __Jacobb__ on Tue, 02/09/2021 - 18:08
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A lot of mob texture make by Krapsy

Thumbnail made by V1CeNtExD

Welcome to the mod Villagers And Monsters Legency

At the beginning I want to say that my computer broke down and I lost Villagers And Monsters Mod :C

It is a mod based on exploration and fighting with powerful bosses and diversifying the game.This is a difficult mod

At the moment, there is one world in this mod: the World of Caves. There are the following caves:

-Dark Cave

-Glow Cave

-Ice Cave

-Swamp Cave

How make a portal? Polished Diorite + Dark Pearl

At the moment, the modification has 31 mobs, including 3 boss.More worlds will be available in this mod.

I'm aiming for at least 200 vanilla style mobs

Thanks for read

Minecraft Planet:

Curse Forge:…


Update 3.1:

Update 3.1 :


0.0 Villagers And Monsters Legency first version

In Update 0.1 Mummy Scorpion and Wood Mace be added

In Update 0.2, the cave minotaur and the elder cave minotaur in mazes have been added

Added in Update 0.3 Cave silver pig and some items

Delete Clawler

In Update 0.5 Hydra been added

In Update 0.6 Crystal weapons and tools and vegetable soup have been added

 In Update 0.7

+ Saber-toothed pig make by matesu11

+ Tooth Weapons

+ New trophy

In Update 0.8

+ Frozenfish

+ Frozen Creeper

In Update 0.9

+ Cave Giant

Big Update 1.0

In Update 1.1

+ Minner Ghost

In Update 1.2

Piglussa restored
A new Ghost Minner texture has been added

In Update 1.3

+ Mushroom Lord -Boss

+ Monster Mushroom

+ Pink Blade 

+ New Trophy

In Update 1.4

+ Viologres Return


Gold Pig

Monstrual Leech

Wood Villager


Fire Elemental

[ALFA] Pig End - It is not playable

+ Ancient Pig Armor

+ New Particle

+ Gold Pork Chop

+ New Trade

Update 1.6

+gold pig bar

+ gold pig nugget

+ gold pig block

+ gold pig tools 

+ new particle

+ new structures 

+ EARLY ALPHA - Pig End 


Golden tree,

golden leaves,

golden Devourer

new structures,

some bugs fixed


+Gold Creeper

+ Gold Pig Rose Bush


+ Tworroger

+ Tworroger Mace

+ Pig Gold Armor

+ Little Bugfix


In Update 2.0 added:

Bubble Biome (Pig end)

New tools (sky stone and bubble wood)

About 9 new blocks

About 9 new mobs

2 new bosses

and a lot of item

In Update 2.1

+ Fantomir (boss)
+ Swamp Pig


+Hairy Troll+ Mushroom Summoner+ Magic Iron 


+ The Desert Lord

+ Desert Lord Sword


+ Dundus 

+ Yakao 

Remove cave bull





+ Golden Chicken

+ Sky Lizard

+ Guardian Of Forest

+ End Creeper


+Bubble Monster

+ Whale Monster


Dundus Retexture


+Sky Chest

+Red Chest

+Green Chest


A lot of structures and a few food and blocks will been added


A small update that adds a moon stone ore and some tools to Pig End.


Some new structures have been added to the Pig End


The update adds some new structures and a new weapon


Pig Gold Ore and some structures have been added.


Back up the world


Added Amut to the Ancient World

Added Redstone Crystal Armor to Insect World

A new enchant for maces and hammers has been added: Breaking Of Bones

Totem Amut added

Amut's Claws added

Several textures have been improved

Some new blocks have been added

Earth Elemental is back. It was added to the swamps

This could get motw wonderful textures and models my favourite are the yak, fire elemental and pigluss

A thing I wanna say what's the rotten vilogre he is in commands but does not have a spawn egg and doesn't spawn naturally

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

Now i have to wait another week :crying:
Btw tho :more crying:
But great mod tho :even more crying:

Oh man, I know how it feels to lose all your data to a corrupted computer, trust me, it happened to me last week. I lost all my workspace to my original mod which actually took me 5 months total to make, + ALL my 90 musics I had made for it.
It's a hard thing, it just happens a lot of the time. It's not the worse, since I also lost all of the models, sounds, and textures for it, so for now i'm f*kd.

Unfortunately I couldn't even do a backup since it happened in such an unexpected moment. So i'm gonna give you advice. Do backups on every device you have. On your computer, on another hardrive, on another USB, on another computer, just anything else. It can really save you.

So honestly, i'm glad to see that your new version of the mod got MOTW, you really deserve it after losing your mod. This must have made you a bit happier to see it win Mod of the Week after losing everything.

And remember, never stop modding (and doing backups).