More Creatures

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More creatures is a mod focused on adding new mobs that can appear in your world of miencraft, each one with special abilities and things, obviously, not all, it also has 3 new tabs in the creative inventory, a new weapon, and new types of meat

More creatures is inspired by other types of animal mods, but with new animals planned for the future, we will not only add animals, but also beasts, like ghosts, and so on.

Modification files
More Creatures [0.0.0].jar - The first update355.29 KB

Added- Alligator Turtle [Black, Gray, Green] Galapagos Tortoise [Brown] Turtle [Green] Rat [Black] Komodo Dragon [Black and Green] Fly [Fly] Obsidian Golem Fragment [Obsidian] Attached Iron Sword, Rat tail