The Diictodon Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Ho hey ho! This is The Diictodon mod for Minecraft 1.15.2


This mod adds in a few mobs and items centered around the prehistoric stem-mammal Diictodon. 

It includes 6 different skins for the animals, a zombie variant that throws deadly potatoes and the ancient powerhouse, The Overlord.

To start off your adventure in survival mode you'll need to travel to a desert where you'll come across Diictodon Burrows. Inside you'll find some goodies and maybe even a Diictodon egg or two.

Diictodons love root vegetable and each one has it's own effect on them 

-Use carrots to change it's texture 

-Use beetroots to breed them

-Use potatoes to lure them, and feed them while they're standing around soft blocks like sand or dirt for a chance for something in return! 


Beware of the Diictodon Temple. If the sacred burrow inside is ignited with redstone it will spawn The Overlord a powerful entity that controls the weather.  

I hope you have good fun with the mod!

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