Tons of Totems!

Published by Safro on Thu, 03/11/2021 - 00:58
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Tons of Totems!

Tons of Totems is a mod that adds 11 new totems to the game that each have their own unique feature. Every totem can be crafted and the features of each totem are shown below.

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Totem of the Dolphin:

While in off-hand or main-hand this totem grants dolphin's grace III.


Totem of Lava:

While in off-hand or main-hand this totem grants fire resistance.


Totem of Retreat:

When right-clicked, sends the player back to their spawn point in the Overworld.(One time use!)


Totem of Luck:

When in off-hand or main-hand this totem gives the player a higher chance of getting better items from loot tables(Ex: fishing, desert temples, dungeons).


Totem of Rage:

When in off-hand or main-hand this totem gives the player strength as long as there is a monster within 5 blocks.


Totem of Energy:

This totem gives speed when in the player's hand or off-hand but also can be used as a great fuel source.


Totem of the Miner:

Instantly smelts any iron or gold ore in the player's inventory.


Undead Totem:

When right-clicked on top of a block, consumes 10 XP levels and summons a zombie.


Totem of Hunger:

Right click to replenish a large amount of hunger. This totem has 5 uses.


Totem of Withering:

Right click to shoot wither skulls at entities. Wither skulls explode on impact but only when hitting entities. They do not explode when hitting mobs. This totem has 100 durability.


Totem of the Dragon:

This item allows the player to fly in any gamemode. The totem only grants flying if held in the main-hand. 





Dolphins drop 1 flipper when killed.

Glistening Leather:

Dropped from Glisten entity.

Dragon Eye:

Dropped from Ender Dragon.

Eye of the End:

Crafting from one dragon eye and 8 eye's of ender around it.


Dropped from Scorched Ghast. Can be thrown and explodes.

Infused Soul Sand:

Obtained by smelting soul sand in a blast furnace.



Golden, cow like mob that can spawn anywhere in the Overworld.

Scorched Ghast:

Ghast like mob that shoots deadly fireballs. Spawns anywhere in the nether.


Small plant that can spawn anywhere on grass. 

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