Concoctions and potions

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This mod adds new potions to the game.

All potion recipes are made in the brewing stand.

Playing with JEI is recommended

The recipes and effects are:

  • Slime potion: Slime ball + any potion

Reduces mobility, increases jump, and gives resistance 2 during 5 minutes

  • -Magma potion: Slime potion + lava bottle or Magma Cream + any potion

Reduces mobility, increases jump, gives resistance 2, and fire resistance during 5 minutes

  • Antidote: Blue fermented spider eye + Green mushroom potion.

Lasts 20 minutes, you will not die from the Green Mushroom effect

  • -Green Mushroom potion: Green mushroom + any potion

Gives the Green Mushroom effect, lasts 20 minutes, when time runs out or if you try to drink milk you will die.

  • Lava bottle: Lava bucket + glass bottle

It will just kill you

  • Warped fungus potion: Warped fungus + lava bottle

It teleports you 15 blocks away in the direction you are facing

  • Electricity long flask: Electric mushroom + awkward large flask

When throwing it, lightning will fall where the long flask has fallen

  • Gunpowder large flask: Gunpowder + water large glass flask

When thrown it will explode where the flask has fallen

  • Potion of Nourishing: Cocoa beans + awkward potion

Restores 6 hunger points and 5 saturation points

  • Potion of Fulfilling: Dust mix + Potion of Nourishing

Gives saturation for 20 seconds, and also 5 saturation points

  • Potion of hunger: Fermented spider eye + Potion of Nourishing

Gives hunger for 20 seconds

  • Potion of haste: Raw gold + awkward potion

Gives haste for 40 seconds

  • Potion of haste II: Dust mix + Potion of haste

Gives haste for 1 minute, 30 seconds

  • Fish Oil Bottle
    It is made with a end cod or salmon and a glass bottle
    When drank gives Oily effect.

Oily effect
If it's raining it will make the player fly
Only works in biomes with a temp lower than 200


  • Potion of Glowing: Awkward potion + glowstone block
    It gives 40 seconds of glowing effect
  • Lava long flask

Made with lava and empty long flasks in the crafting table
It can be thrown to make a cloud of flames
Being near the cloud burns you
The cloud can be cleaned right clicking it with an empty long flask or waiting for it to despawn

  • Lethal poison long flask: Green mushroom + awkward long flask 

It can be thrown to make a cloud of poison
Being near the cloud will poison you
The cloud can be cleaned right clicking it with an empty long flask or waiting for it to despawn




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