Published by Aethelwyn on Mon, 03/22/2021 - 11:48
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Get the rebuilt mod HERE!

Rebuilding this mod, suggest things here!

Immersion is a (now dead) minecraft mod developed to enrich the experience and to fill gaps in the game.

The mod adds several new workstations, mechanics, & more to enable a more free playstyle all while still feeling like we're in minecraft. I am planning to add much more as time goes on, a dimension is currently in the planning stages, and several new workstations are being developed. I also plan to expand the food system & add an alchemy system in future.

There is now a wiki; very early stages & heavily incomplete; but you can find resources for some of the new additions

NEW UPDATE 0.002.0030

See changelog for 0.002.0023 to get a full scope of what has been added in the Vino & Horticulture Major update & the minor update that followed.
0.001.0013 is the first public release of the mod, in very early access, alot of things are planned.

Brief Summary of some of the new things; See the wiki for more information & upcoming features

Expanded Combat:
& Zweihanders (2 Handed!)

Sawmills get more out of wool & logs,
Gemcutting can cut & purify gemstones,
Horticultury can retrieve petals or breed flowers,
Fermenter can turn sugar & an acceptable food into a wine once bottled.

Expanded Enchantments, Unique Enchantments:
Heresy - More damage against totem users & Illagers
Stunning - Stuns the emeny
Withered Bite - Inflicts wither, converts skeletons & can rarely drop a wither rose
Venomous - Unique Scimitar Enchantment, poisons target
Quick Step - Boot enchantment that aids Scimitar's passive dodging/fencing ability
Disarm - Unique Hookblade enchantment that aids the hookblade's passive ability
Charge - Kills give you a speed boost
Accustomed - Eliminates the 2-handed restriction
Curse Of Warping - Randomly teleports your target away
Curse Of Taunting - Randomly taunts/insults your hits on the target

There is a LOT more to this mod, and there is a LOT more coming just down the road; as v0.003.003X will be the next major update, featuring a bunch of new additions, and potentially over 400 new mod elements to mess around with.

Modification files
ImmersionMC-0.002.0030.jarUploaded on: 03/26/2021 - 18:21   File size: 2.57 MB

Version 0.002.0030 - Preparations for the Big Update (0.003) !

+ Nerfed Zweihander Swing Speed
+ Added new stone type; Toriscite with Polished, Cobbled, Brick, Cracked Brick, Chiselled, Ornate, & Gem Gilded variations
+ Added Toriscite Nitre Ore
+ Fixed Workstations crashing the game
+ Added a Quick Step Enchantment
+ Added a Dodge/Fence ability to Scimitars, ability is improved by the Quick Step enchantment on boots
+ Added a Taunting Curse (this one is fun) & tauntingEnabled gamerule.
+ Fixed a bug with placing of berry bushes
+ Fixed a bug with placing of grapes on rope
+ Fixed a bug related to workstations not refreshing recipes if the item wasnt removed
+ Added advancements for taunting chances, withered bite chances, zweihander crafting & lancer crafting
+ Optimised procedures for sawmills
+ Added new localisation keys for 28 taunts from the curse of taunting
+ Adds a portal block (figure out how to make it :D) - Nonfunctional
+ Added new use for Smithing table (Ornate Toriscite + Pure Gem to Gem Gilded Toriscite)
+ Added unique parsers for circlets.
+ Added a very early WIP wiki -

v0.003.00XX will not release for a while, It is going to be a massive update with atleast 400 new mod elements, I am currently going through early testing phases on most of the new features, this version has the features that are the closest to being done, enjoy them while I work on the big update & get the wiki up to speed!

Version 0.002.0023 - Early Access Release 03 (Minor Update)
!!!!! UPDATED TO 1.16.5 !!!!!

+ 2 Handed Mechanic introduced; 2 Handed Weapons or Tools grant weakness if you your offhand is not empty, or does not have a totem or shield
+ Zweihanders, the first 2 handed sword, Extremely high damage but very slow swing speed
+ Accustomed Unique Enchantment, Can only be put on Zweihanders. It negates the effect of the 2 Handed mechanic, removing the restriction
+ Heresy Enchantment; deals extra damage to Illagers & players that are carrying a totem. Targets that have used a totem will always receive extra damage regardless if they actually have a totem.
+ Heresy Death Type
+ Weapon Recycling Recipes
+ Extended some enchantments to work on Tridents
+ Strawberries, Blackberries & Blackcurrants. + Fermenting recipes for their juices.
+ Grape, Strawberry, Blackberry, & Blackcurrant bushes. - naturally generate
+ Petal Recipes from each berry - every petal can now be obtained in survival
- Removed Oak Grape Leaves in favour of Grape bushes




Version 0.002.0021 - Early Access Release 02


+ Rope Recipe (2 String) or Wool in Sawmill
+ Honeypuff Block (Honey Based Light Block)
+ Horticultury Table (Used for getting Petals & Breeding Flowers)
+ 16 colour variations of petals (Green & Gray cannot be gotten in survival)
+ Horticulture Recipes, 1 flower can be turned into 1 petal or 4 of their dye. Breedable flowers can be turned into 4 of their petals, or 1 new flower.
+ Tags for Flowers (So bees can use them) & Petals
+ Copper Gilded Circlets for Amethyst, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli & Diamond (Non Functional & Not Implemented)
+ Iron Gilded Circlets for Amethyst, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli & Diamond (Amethyst is Non Functional & Not Implemented)
+ Lancer Weapon type - Faster Striking for less damage
+ Unique Lancer Enchantment "Charge" - gives a short speed boost equivalent to level after killing a mob
+ Grapes & Oak Grape leaves
+ Grape Rope Crop (Place grape on Horizontal rope, once the grape is mature you can shear the grapes off the rope); Bonemeal can be used to instantly grow it; placing water 2 blocks under the grape rope will speed up their growth.
+ Raw & Cooked Squid
+ Royal Tulip an extremely rare flower that provides purple petals. Cannot be breed
+ Myosotis (Forget-me-not) Flowers, can be turned into Cyan petals or Dye.
+ Cut & Pure variations of Amethysts (unimplemented)
+ Fixed duplication bug caused by breaking workstations with items in them.
+ Fixed UV oddities on cuirass armour
+ Fermenter Recipe for Grape Wine (Sugar + Grape + Time)
+ Matched Petals to their dye counterparts
+ en_gb localisations

Version 0.001.0013 - Early Access Release 01


+ Sawmill, Gemcutting Table, & Fermenter
+ Rope (Climbable)
+ Chorus Wood & Recipe (1 flower to 1 log)
+ Chorus Flower Recipe (4 fruit)
+ Sawmill recipes for all 16 types of wool & 9 logs
+ Fermenting recipes - Sugar + Item to ferment + Time = Juice/Wine
+ Gemcutting recipes for Diamond, Emerald, Lapis
+ Brick, Mossy, Cracked & Chiselled variants for Diorite, Granite, & Andesite
+ Warp & Crimson mossed Blackstone
+ Smooth, Chiselled & Polished variants of Prismarine
+ Popped, Smooth & Polished variants of Netherrack
+ Layered, Cracked Layered, & Polished variants of Sandstone & Red Sandstone
+ Soul Sandstone
+ Hookblades (same damage, slightly slower than swords; has a passive Disarm ability) & Unique enchantment Disarm (Chance to disarm target's mainhand or offhand)
+ Scimitars (slightly faster & less damage than swords) & Unique enchantment Venomous (Chance to poison target)
+ Cuirass Armour (Uses gems from gemcutting table)
+ Netherite upgrade for Cuirass Armour
+ Stunned Enchantment (Stuns target for a few ticks)
+ Withered Bite Enchantment (Chance to inflict wither, has a rare chance to drop wither roses when used)
+ Warping Curse (50% chance to teleport target up to 12 blocks in any direction)
+ Niter Ore & Deepslate Niter Ore (unimplemented)
+ Niter Ore generates at y31-33 slightly more
+ Mud & Mud Bricks
+ Zinnia, Dahlia & Viola Flowers
+ Chorus, Cactus & Sweet Berry Wine through fermenter
+ Apple, Cactus & Beetroot Juice through fermenter
+ Sack & Sack of Niter
+ Gunpowder recipe from Niter & Coal makes 1 (1:1)
+ Gunpowder recipe from Niter sacks & Coal makes 8  (8:1)
+ Niter Sacks made from mining niter with a sack in inventory
+ Lots of tags
+ Lots of advancements

Updated the mod to 1.16.5 following the pre-release

Introduced a couple of new things I just couldn't wait until a major update to release!
Enjoy the Zweihanders!

really cool mod!
wish i could download & play it, but as soon as i can i definitely will