Reversion - Enhancing the Vanilla Experience

Published by Aethelwyn on Fri, 09/03/2021 - 08:45
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LATEST VERSION - v0.001.0043

Reversion is a mod in replacement for my prior mod Immersion. It expands upon the idea of Immersion to bring with it the same philosophies that Mojang would use when adding new features into the game. The plan is to add more blocks to the total build palette, adding more variation to builds, and add some more depth to various features of the game. Explore a refined nether with new mobs, blocks, and items, added trays for which you can grow rice & soulbead, new food & new workstations to use to enhance the vanilla experience. Find new variations of blocks to build your favourite new buildings.

The goal was to expand on various parts of the vanilla game to make everything much more alive & unique, as such the main focus has been making the nether as livable & as bountiful as the overworld - in future I plan to continue adding things to all facets of the game, including the end!
As of v0.001.0043 there is a workstation for fermentation, a sizable chunk of foods, unique concepts when it comes to agriculture such as the tray or felling, over 100 different blocks & their variants, a new wither-mob, and everything is added in a way that follows Mojang's own philosophies.

There is even a small amount of hidden lore!


I hope you enjoy the mod, feel free to leave suggestions, bug reports, or other things on the attached forum page!

It is recommended you play with both JEI & Polymorph to get the recipes, aswell as prevent mod conflicts

The mod also features a gamerule to give you all the recipes, by default this is on

Modification files
Reversion-0.001.0043.jar - Reversion - Alpha 0.001.0043 - LATEST2.56 MB


~ Increased damage output & health of the Witherhog ~ Fixed certain Soulstone blocks gravity affection ~ Fixed saturation values for all foods.


+ Added Palm Wood
+ Added Wooden Posts
+ Added Coconuts
+ Added Coconut Chunks, Coconut Oil & Coconut Milk
+ Added Rice & Soulbeads
+ Added Trays
+ Added Rice-bowls
+ Added Withered Bone, Withermeal, Wither Ash & Wither Bone Block
+ Added Witherhog
+ Added Porcelain Blocks & Porcelain Paste
+ Added Thatch
+ Added Stairs, Slabs & Walls for several block variations
+ Added Soulblooms & Soulstalk
+ Added Fermenting Barrel & Cheese
+ Added Entrapped Vial & Soul Vial
~ Updated Limestone Textures
~ Reused old Immersion Mud Textures


+ Added Chorus & Hyperborea Wood Types
+ Added Slime Pellets & Plant Mass (2x2 of various grasses, lilypads, cacti, reeds, etc)
+ Added new wood block (Wood Panels) for all 8 vanilla variants & 2 New Wood Variants
+ Added Soul Fire & Soul Speed to the Soul Sandstone blocks
+ Added tags for nearly every block type, and tags to enable better incorporation of the mod into the vanilla gameworld
+ Completely new textures for Limestone
+ 2 new Limestone Blocks
~ Changed the name of Soulsandstone to Soul Sandstone to better match that of Soul Sand & Soul Soil
~ Fixed various recipes that involved tags
~ Fixed all Stonecutter & Smelting recipes
~ Squashed 20+ Bugs - almost all related to the Lantern, Soul Stones, & Recipes
~ Cleaned up various textures

Thank you :D, Update 0.000.0002 will be out shortly, adding new wood blocks, and fixing almost all of the bugs

Releasing a hotfix for 0002 as I had forgotten to fix the recipes for the stonecutter, as a treat enjoy some new Limestone textures & blocks!

The first major update/release of Reversion is out now with over 400 new mod elements! featuring major expansions of the Nether, another new Wood type, aswell as several new foods. And the very first new mob of the mod, the Witherhog!
It also includes lots of new blocks to balance out the build palette, and the first workstation of the mod; the fermenting barrel - used to make Cheese!

Be sure to send suggestions on the linked forum page!

Released Version 0.001.0043 which fixes some of the smaller issues such as certain Soulstone variants falling to gravity, and increases the health & damage of the Witherhog, making it much more of a threat; and fixing the saturation values of all the foods.