Throwaway Arsenal

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In development
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[Previously known as Throwaway Industry]


Can never get enough of throwing stuff, no?

Throwaway Industry/Arsenal plans to add more throwing items in Minecraft. Yeah.


Currently adds:

10 snowballs, some for utility, most others for combat

Pocket TNT

Round Bread.


5 daggers

3 flasks


Will be updated at an irregular pace


Modification files
[1.16.5]throwaway_arsenal-0.2.jar - Updated releaseUploaded on: 05/23/2021 - 05:56   File size: 347.64 KB
throwaway-industry-0.1.jar - Initial release (for 1.15.2)Uploaded on: 04/16/2021 - 00:51   File size: 171.87 KB

version 0.2

-adds 5 daggers and 3 flasks

-snowballs and daggers are now tagged as forge:snowball and forge:dagger


version 0.1

-initial release

-adds 10 snowballs and a bunch more misc stuff

how did you do to make a item act exactly like a snowball? i really like to known because i want to do the same thing in one item for a mod im doing