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This is Awesome Arsenal, a mod for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.7.10 that adds in a new type of Bows, called Autobows. They have 300 durability, consumes arrows and are stronger than normal bows. Also, they have no reload time, so you can shoot all you want! This mod also adds in Assassin's Knife, Arrow Launchers, TNT's, achievements, Soldier's Armor and more!. 


1. Download and install the latest Forge version for 1.7.2 or 1.7.10: //files.minecraftforge.net/

2a. Download this mod and place the file in your mods folder of your .minecraft. DO NOT UNZIP!!!

2b. To get to your .minecraft folder, (Windows Only) press the Start Menu, type in %appdata% and enter.

3. Open the Minecraft Launcher, select the Forge profile, and play!


These are bows with special abilities. This is the list of the Autobows in this mod. All of these recipes are shaped.


-Autobow: This is the basic Autobow and is used to craft the other Autobows. Durability: 300 

-Cacti Autobow: This Autobow generates a Cacti above the block where the Arrow hits. The Cacti can be placed on any block. Durability: 300

-Exploding Autobow: The Autobow's arrows will explode wherever they land. Durability: 300

-Flaming Autobow: The arrows shot from this Autobow are sent on fire and when they land on a block, a Fire is started. Durability: 300

-Gold Autobow: The arrows shot from this Autobow generates Gold Ingots. Durability: 300

-Insane Autobow: As long as you hold it in your hand, it will keep on shooting! You don't even need to click to shoot! Durability: 100,000

-Knockback Autobow: This Autobow has extreme knockback, but has no damage. Durability: 300

-Lightning Autobow: The arrows shot from this Autobow spawns lightning. Durability: 300 BUG!!! Lightning is invisible.

-Pig Autobow: The arrows shot from the Autobow spawns Pigs. Durability: 300

-Super Autobow: More arrows are shot, following the first one, until the first arrow hits a block. Durability: 300

-Teleporting Autobow: You teleport to where the first arrow lands. Durability: 300

-Added v1.1: Stone Autobow: Places a Stone Block in the air when shot. It can replace Blocks in the right angle. Durability: 300 

-Added in Plus: Crash Autobow: Crashes the game and blows up. Durability:300

-Added in Plus: Macho Autobow: Has the powers of Super Autobow and spawns random items. Durability: 300 (Place Macho Ore around the Super Autobow)

Percentage of how likely these items can be spawned from the Macho Autobow:

-Coal: 50%

-Sponge: 60%

-Diamond: 10%

-Emerald: 5%

-Iron Ingot: 45%

-Gold Ingot: 45%

-Gunpowder: 70%

-Apple: 50%

-Redstone: 80%

-Slimeball: 50%

Infused Autobows:

These are Autobows that have the powers of 2 Autobows combined into 1. All these recipes are shapeless.


-The Greenstrike: Has the powers of Cacti and Lightning Autobows. Durabillity: 600 BUG!!! Lightning is invisible.

-The Maniac: Has the powers of Insane and Exploding Autobows. Durabilities: 600

-The Payback: Has the powers of Gold and Knockback Autobows. Durability: 600

-The Superfire: Has the powers of Super and Flaming Autobows. Durability: 600


Thesse TNTs' have special abilities. They blow up instantly when a Redstone signal is sent to it. All recipes are shaped.


-Added v1.1: Crying TNT: Explodes and spawns Water.

-Added v1.1: Angry TNT: Explodes and spawns Lava.

-Added v1.1: Creeper TNT: Spawns 4 Creepers.

-Added v1.1: Drill TNT: Breaks the below 20 blocks with no drops. BUG!!! It mines up, not down. This will be fixed in ++.

-Added v1.1: Fire TNT: Spawns Fire blocks.

-Added v1.1: Crash TNT: Crashes the game and explodes when restared.

-Added v1.1: Deadly TNT: Explodes, spawns Lava, gives you Slowness, and teleports you to the Lava.

-Added in Plus: Troll Cake: When you right-click it, it blows up instead of feeding you! Perfect for trolling!

Soldier's Armor:

This set of armor has special abilities when you wear it. The crafting recipes are shaped.


-Soldier's Helmet: Gives you Night Vision II when you wear it.

-Soldier's Chestplate: Gives you Strength III when you wear it.

-Soldier's Leggings: Gives you Speed III when you wear it.

-Soldier's Boots: Gives you Jump Boost III when you wear it,

Arrow Helmet:

When you wear this on your head, it will constantly shoot arrows! This is a shaped recipe.

Assassin's Knife:

This knife has 40 attack damage, which is more than 5 times stronger than a Diamond Sword! The knife has 300 durability and can be invisible by placing it in a Crafting Table. (it is shapeless) You can also back-craft the invisible version back to normal. The crafting recipe shown below is shaped.


New Redstone: All were added in Plus.

These are new Pressure Plates and Buttons. That's it. They are all the same exept for the Glowstone ones, which emit light. These recipes are shapeless.

-Brick Button:

-Brick Pressure Plate:

-Nether Brick Button:

-Nether Brick Pressure Plate:

-Glowstone Button:

-Glowstone Pressure Plate:

-Iron Button:

-Gold Button:

Craftable Enchantments: This has been added in Plus. The recipes are shapeless. The tool has to have full durability for it to work.

Fire Aspect: When you place a Blaze Powder in a crafting GUI with a Sword (any kind), it will enchant it with Fire Aspect 1.

Silk Touch: When you place a Lapis Lazui in a crafting GUI with a Pickaxe (any kind) it will enchant it with Silk Touch 1.

Dragon Egg Replica: Added in Plus and is a Shaped recipe.

Exactly like a Dragon Egg, but brighter and is craftable.

Macho Ore: Added in Plus.

This ore spawns rarely and when mined, spawns alot of items. You need Silk Touch to obtain it.

Percentage of how likely these items can be spawned from the Macho Ore:

-Coal: 50%

-Diamond: 10%

-Emerald: 5%

-Cobblestone: 100%

-Iron Ingot: 45%

-Gold Ingot: 30%

-Redstone: 70%

-Nether Quartz: 50%

-Slimeball: 40%

-Sponge: 35%

Knockbacker: Shaped recipe and added in Plus.

-The Knockbacker, when crafted, enchants itself with Knockback 10. It won't work when you pick the item up in Creative, but you can just place it in a Crafting GUI to enchant it.

Lanterns: Uses a shaped recipe, uses a custom model and is added in Plus.

-Iron Lantern: When right-clicked, it lights up. When it's lit, you can right click it again to unlight it.

-Gold Lantern: Same as the Iron Lantern, but has a stronger light radious when lit and takes longer to mine.


-Most items are incorrect or are item.___.name. Example: Cacti Autobow is spelled as item.cactiAutobow.name.

-Lightning spawned from the Lightning Autobow or The Greenstrike is invisible.

-The Arrow Launcher doesn't consume any arrows.

-Deadly TNT gives you Slowness 1 instead of Slowness 30.

-Drill TNT mines up, not down.

-Ghost Items are spawned from the Macho Ore or the Macho Autobow.


-Created with MCreator 1.4.6.

-Textures made by JiD, Bow texture made by Mojang.

-The ideas of the Assassin's Knife, Hidden Assassin's Knife, basic Autobow, Crying TNT, Angry TNT, and Creeper TNT were ripped from JiD's previous mod, Ubercraft 2.

-Mod logo made with Mine-imator 1.0.0 Demo 3 and Paint.net.

Have Fun!

Watch my showcase of the mod: //youtu.be/qNzRDicm1NQ






Modification files
(1.7.2 FORGE) JiD's Awesome Arsenal v1.0.zip - Download v1.0! (Outdated)Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:14   File size: 286 KB
(1.7.2 FORGE) JiD's Awesome Arsenal v1.1.zip - Download v1.1! (Outdated)Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:14   File size: 347.66 KB
(Forge 1.7.2) JiD's Awesome Arsenal+.zip - Download Plus! (Latest Version)Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:14   File size: 488.13 KB

A showcase of my mod is now on Youtube!