SteveGolemMod: Armor update!!!

Published by lgh877 on Sun, 05/02/2021 - 17:48
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This mod adds a mob, steve golem!! They can be tamed with bread, like wolves. After tamed, they will follow and protect you. Of course, they attack monsters before tamed, but they will also attack you if you attack them.


You can control them by right click! Message below will let you know they are waiting or following.

They can be healed by feeding them breads, but after tamed.


They drop some breads on death.


You can create them by stacking two compressed bread and putting soul pumpkin top of it!!


Recipe of them are at below!!!

On 1.3.0 update, you are now able to give them armors!

Below I explained how.


1. First you should tame Steve golems to give them armor.


2. Craft set of armors. Put every part of armors in crafting table.

3. Put those items on your main hand and right click to your tamed Steve golems.


These are results.


Also this video explains this update:


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Modification files
steveGolemMod_1.3.0.jar - This video explains this update: KB


Now you can give them armors to improve their stats! Remember that you can give them armor after tame them.



Added new sounds for steve golem

Decreased steve golem's spawn rate, but increased near villagers.

what if steve golems have like swords,pickaxe,axe,and hoe . that will be usefull!