Extreme Mobs

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This is a mod that adds several creatures from other franchises, such as subnauticas, undertale, etc.
It is not a professional mod, but I tried to do as much as I can.

In the first version will contain some mods of the game Subnautica Below Zero

I intend to put other franchises in the next updates, the mod is very simple, probably in 2.0 it will be more complete

EDIT: I'm working on 2.0, it will take a while

Modification files
ExtremeMobs 1.0 The Release Below Zero.jarUploaded on: 08/09/2020 - 17:49   File size: 407.54 KB

Extreme Mobs: The Release Below Zero:
-Added Pengwing
-Added Ice Worm Leviathan
-Added Shell Fragment
-Added Ice Worm Shell
-Added Ice Worm op armor

The mobs look awesome! If you add more elements to it you should consider submitting it for MOTW :)

Great idea adapting sub zero, but the textures are fairly poor in quality. Low detail and the stigma of "MCreator bright colour models". Some shading and more natural tones should help as well.